3 2 1 jim crow and progressives n.
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3-2-1 Jim Crow and Progressives

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3-2-1 Jim Crow and Progressives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3-2-1 Jim Crow and Progressives. 3 important people and why they are important 2 organizations from this time period and their purpose 1 way Progressives attempted to progress society. Political Reforms in the Cities and States. Changes in Voter Participation

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3 2 1 jim crow and progressives
3-2-1 Jim Crow and Progressives
  • 3 important people and why they are important
  • 2 organizations from this time period and their purpose
  • 1 way Progressives attempted to progress society
political reforms in the cities and states
Political Reforms in the Cities and States

Changes in Voter Participation

  • Direct Primaries- candidates are chosen by party members voting instead of by party bosses
  • Direct election of U.S. Senators- the 17th Amendment required direct election of Senators
  • Initiative, Referendum, Recall-
    • Initiative- voters can force a bill to be considered
    • Referendum- Voters directly decide on a proposed law
    • Recall- Voters can remove corrupt or unsatisfactory politicians
  • These were crowded apartment buildings with poor standards of sanitation, safety, and comfort.
  • As numerous tenements were built in an area it would become a slum.
  • Disease and fire were constant threats.
jacob riis
Jacob Riis
  • Riis was a writer who documented the tenement conditions in his book, How the Other Half Lives.
  • Due to the graphic nature of his writing and the pictures he had of the tenements, he was able to get New York State to pass the first laws to improve tenements.
child labor
Child labor
  • Shoeshine boys
child labor1
Child labor
  • Bowling pin boys
child labor2
Child labor
  • Coal miner boys
child labor3
Child labor
  • Young miner
During the Industrial Revolution, children were employed in factories and worked long hours. This photo by noted American photographer Lewis Hine shows young boys working at a spinning machine. Hines’ photographs led to the passing of the first child-labor laws.
conservation vs environmentalism
Conservation vs. Environmentalism
  • Conservation- to maximize the long-term economic benefits of natural resources. (Championed by Teddy Roosevelt)
  • Environmentalism- Nature was sacred and humans are intruders who should look but not develop.

What resulted from the outrage caused by the publication of Upton Sinclair’s book The Jungle?

    • The book was banned from libraries.
    • There was a backlash against labor union organizers.
    • There were further restrictions placed on civil liberties.
    • The federal government began oversight of the meat-packing industry.

What role did Jane Addams play in the Progressive Era?

    • She provided nursing care to tenement dwellers in New York City.
    • She helped lobby for the Seventeenth Amendment.
    • She focused on the needs of poor people living in Chicago.
    • She formed the Women’s Trade Union League (WTUL)

Ida Tarbell is best described as a

    • Social worker.
    • Muckraker.
    • Progressive politician.
    • Founding member of the NAACP.

Muckrakers, like Ida Tarbell, hoped to

    • Oversee the Tennessee Valley Authority
    • Stop ratification of the Eighteenth Amendment
    • Expose abuses in business and corruption in politics
    • Improve methods of mass production

The Seventeenth Amendment calls for the election of United States senators by

    • The people.
    • State legislators.
    • Only other senators.
    • Registered progressives.

Which of the following progressive reforms allows voters to accept or reject legislative proposals?

    • Recall
    • Initiative
    • Referendum
    • Seventeenth Amendment