Acm education council mtg 2012 06 18
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ACM Education Council Mtg 2012-06-18. Online learning for cs10k. CS10K Question. Delivery CS10K course or CS10K PD? Both! However, students and adults learn differently! Focus is work for the students first?

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Acm education council mtg 2012 06 18

ACM Education Council Mtg 2012-06-18

Online learning for cs10k

Cs10k question
CS10K Question

  • Delivery CS10K course or CS10K PD?

    • Both!

    • However, students and adults learn differently!

    • Focus is work for the students first?

  • Can create online materials that can be used to collect data, allow teacher to adjust instruction

    • Supports instructors lean on pedagogy or content

  • What kind of investment are needed to make this work so that it’s scalable?

    • Faculty domain expertise time

  • Proposal – do one module, do it well, measure. E.g., Big Data

    • System gets tuned and “knows” student because it’s seen so many other student like it

  • Benefit

    • Can handle huge variance in incoming teacher ability and confidence

What is needed in oli model
What is needed in OLI model?

  • To design the environment

    • $500k

    • Open University spent £2.5M and didn’t do so well?

      • They “bought out” domain experts’ time

      • They threw it out?

  • Some faculty really take to it and buy in early

  • Takes a long time to design it well (module is shorter time)

    • What are the knowledge components needed for a task, how to sequence feedback for this, get unstuck

    • Have expert “think aloud” to get a sequence of steps

  • Learning curve analysis

  • How do you get teachers to participate?

    • Any resources for parts that are new or hard are welcome

Sanity check
Sanity Check

  • Let’s not think online learning is the miracle cure

  • Great learning happens with mentoring, learning communities, face-to-face learning

    • Candace’s work is thought of as an “online book”, to support teaching the course itself.

    • Students using it, and proving help to give feedback

  • Let’s ask teachers about what they need

    • We already know what AP piloters had trouble with

  • Let’s remember prior success/failure with past

    • Teachers feel like they’re “add-on” to software

    • “Coaching” only happened with the very best students

  • Chris is on board with modules intended for students, as advocacy support as well.

    • “Module in a box”

Concern language issues
Concern : language issues?

  • University model: background, lecture, doing

    • Lab reinforces the doing, e.g., search example

    • This is a rich process, we have some stuff “ready”

  • We’re a language agnostic system

    • What about language wars?

    • We’ll support top N current systems, which will get us 95% of the way there.

First pilot of online learning
First Pilot of online learning

  • Tom Cortina @ CMU already developing modules, we could start there.

    • His non-majors course is similar

  • First round of piloters would volunteer to contribute as part of Community of Practice