klinefelter s syndrome n.
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Klinefelter’s Syndrome

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Klinefelter’s Syndrome . Other Names for Klinefelter’s Syndrome are 47,XXY XXY syndrome XXY trisomy. By: Amethyst Eriksen . Type of genetic Disorder.

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klinefelter s syndrome

Klinefelter’s Syndrome

  • Other Names for Klinefelter’s Syndrome are
  • 47,XXY
  • XXY syndrome
  • XXY trisomy

By: Amethyst Eriksen

type of genetic disorder
Type of genetic Disorder
  • Klinefelter’s Syndrome is a type of genetic disorder that boys have when they have one or more extra X-chromosomes in you body. By mid-puberty boys usually have low levels of testosterone that causes having small testicles and having a very hard time making sperm. Males have a increased risk for certain health problems. Males have some learning disabilities like immaturity and shyness.
symptoms effect
  • Some of the symptoms/effects of Klinefelter’s Syndrome are small penis, small firm testicles, diminished pubic, enlarged breast tissue , tall stature, long legs, learning disabilities,a single crease in the palm, have a less muscular body, and grow very little facial or body hair, pear shaped, short trunk, long arms, lower body will be bigger than the upper part of the body, thin tooth surface.
  • Doctors can’t diagnose males until adult hood usually but you can before or shortly after birth, early childhood the only thing is that it might not be correct 100 % . By using a karotype analysis of male patients chromosomes by taking a blood sample. It is mostly found in men but if found in women the way to find out is during a women's pregnancy by taking a look at chromosomes that can be taken from cells from the fluid that surrounds the fetus.
  • The prognosis of Klinefelter’s Syndrome id good and not bad. As long as the patients are careful and watching their health and with people finding out with the proper and early treatment of any problems that could occur. Many men who have this syndrome lead to live full and active lives, they can expect to live a normal lifespan like any other human.
t reatment
  • There is no cure for this syndrome but there is treatment to help through the process so that there is no problems or at least fewer problems. The treatments help control the symptoms of this syndrome. Some treatments for this are
  • regular checkups and screenings
  • testosterone
  • surgery
  • counseling and support (counseling for parents with their sons for this symptom and the patients it self to help them get through this long process).
current research
Current research
  • There is no cure for Klinefelter syndrome. But researchers are focusing on several approaches to find a cure to this syndrome.
  • The scientists are looking at the risk factors for other medical conditions, to this syndrome even certain types of cancer.
  • The scientists are doing everything they can to figure out a cure or more treatments to help patients.
genetic counseling
Genetic counseling
  • Some genetic counseling is required for patients cause it will help them before and after treatments and during treatments. It also helps the patient what this condition is and how to trait it and to work through it. This is a difficult process for patients. Genetic counseling is one of many things that patients go through during their life of the syndrome.

2nd graphic of

Klinefelter’s Syndrome

one great s tory
One Great Story
  • It was told that George Washington had Klinefelter’s Syndrome. With the research the scientist were able to figure out that he had this syndrome cause he showed most of the symptoms and effects. Also the health risk of this and found possible an extra x chromosome which made him grow breast and the other effects on his body. But the trait to pass on to him is still being researched cause if is not for sure if he inherited or just was born with it in the first of his family. It is also said that people are still researching to confirm for sure if he had this syndrome but enough shows that he did have it.


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