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Incense and their Uses

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Incense and their Uses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Incenses And Their Use:

Incense is the magical tool whether you use it in your meditation or in your rituals. Incense uses

our smelling sense and it aligns all the things according to your desire and your mood. It also

enhances the energy level and it helps in the achievement of the calm and relaxation with the

clear focus of the mind and developed concentration. If you want the incense, then we are the

incense store in NYC with all types of incense that you need. Have a look at different types of

incense along with their uses.

Amber- this incense is used for the knowledge. Amber is the best incense if you want to

discover information by using meditation.

Cedar wood- cedar as like wood incenses is associated with the fire and it denotes power and

strength. It is considered good to burn this incense before the battle in the castle as it enhances

the strength.

Cinnamon- similar to cedar wood, it is also associated with fire. This is associated with passion,

love and sexual desire. The other important thing is that it is good in the raising of the energy.

Frankincense- this incense is helpful in the use of attaining relax and calm. The incense is used

to get rid of all the problems, including anxiety and tension or depression. You will be able to

reduce all the conflicts and it aids in the meditation.

Jasmine- jasmine is associated with the night night as well as romance. Although the incense is

related to love, but it is not related to the sex, though it has a strong association with beauty.

Jasmine enhances emotional connection with the one you love and it creates an insight to beauty.

Lavender- lavender is associated with glamor and beauty and its magical incense easily attracts

the other person.

If you want to buy all these incense, then we are the incense shop in NYC providing all the

things that you need with the topmost quality including all these incenses.