the 2012 2014 nominations committee p resents nominations know how n.
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The 2012-2014 Nominations Committee p resents “Nominations Know-How”

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The 2012-2014 Nominations Committee p resents “Nominations Know-How” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The 2012-2014 Nominations Committee p resents “Nominations Know-How”. Southeast: Orlando, Florida July 12, 2013, 1:00 PM Southwest : Branson, Missouri July 18, 2013, 2:45 PM Northeast : Portland, Maine July 25, 2013, 3:15 PM Northwest : Cheyenne, Wyoming August 1, 2013, 10:00 AM

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the 2012 2014 nominations committee p resents nominations know how

The 2012-2014 Nominations Committeepresents“Nominations Know-How”

Southeast: Orlando, Florida July 12, 2013, 1:00 PM

Southwest: Branson, Missouri July 18, 2013, 2:45 PM

Northeast: Portland, Maine July 25, 2013, 3:15 PM

Northwest: Cheyenne, Wyoming August 1, 2013, 10:00 AM

Europe: Amsterdam, The Netherlands August 9, 2013, 11:00 AM

the international nominations committee
The International Nominations Committee

The International Nominations Committee is an elected body responsible for naming at least one nominee for each position on the Administrative Board, elected committees, and the Educational Foundation Board of Trustees.

The primary consideration of the committee is to seek the best leadership available.



What are the elected positions for 2014?

Answer will follow:

elected positions for 2014
Elected Positions for 2014
  • President
  • First Vice-President
  • Second Vice-President
  • Regional Directors






  • Area Representatives


Latin America

  • Member-at-Large

One member (2014-2018)

  • Finance Committee

Two members (2014-2018)

  • Nominations Committee

One member from each region (2014-2018)

  • Educational Foundation Board of Trustees

Two members (2014-2020)



What are three ways to be a


Answer will follow:

three ways to be a nominee
Three ways to be a nominee

1. A nominee selected by the International Nominations Committee

  • An individual, chapter, or state organization making an early decision to nominate a candidate from the floor may (1) present to the international president by December 1, in election years, the name, photograph, and brief summary of the proposed candidate’s qualifications for a selected office for publication in the January/February DKG NEWS and published on the Society Web site.

The name of a proposed candidate must have previously been submitted to the Nominations Committee and not selected for the current election. Standing Rule 8.081 d [ISR-14]

3. A member nominated from the floor of the Convention



What is NEW for the 2013

nominations process?

Answer will follow:

what is new for 2014
What is NEW for 2014
  • Recommendation Form
    • New look
    • Addition of nominee’s statement
    • Addition of nominee’s input for biography
  • Endorsement Form
    • New look
    • Suggestion of no more than five endorsements (professional and

Society members)

    • Added question: Why would this person be successful?
  • Use of Technology
    • Instructions, forms, and governing documents in four links
    • Secure site for committee members
    • Email to members not selected as nominee


How can I recommend

a nominee?

Answer will follow.

recommending a nominee
Recommending a Nominee

1. Do your homework. Study the position in all the governing documents.

2. Review the four documents for nominations at

3. Complete a separate form for each position.

4. Choose endorsers with first-hand knowledge.

5. Submit forms with an electronic date (or postmark) on or before October 15, 2013.



How do I complete a recommendation


Answer will follow:


B. Expertise and qualifications for this office

C. Professional experience

D. Educational background

E. Community and organizational service 

The nominee will complete Section F and Section G. 

F. Nominee’s statement: Why do you want to serve in this position? Limit your response to a maximum of 200 words. 

G. In the event that you are selected as nominee for this position, state the information that you would like included in your biography for publication; limit your response to a maximum of 100 words. Please understand that the wording may be changed for consistency with the other biographies for the web site and the DKG NEWS.



  • Can you advise me about completing
  • the Recommendation Form?
  • Answer will follow:
completing the recommendation form
Completing the Recommendation Form

Questions to Explore Professional Experience

What are your professional experiences?

What recognition have you received? Examples: awards for achievement, selection for promotion

What special projects did you—or as part of a team—

implement? What were the challenges and results?

Questions to Explore Educational Background

What education and continuing education have you undertaken?

What certifications and additional training have you received?

completing the recommendation form1
Completing the Recommendation Form

Questions to Explore—Community or Organizational Service

In what ways have you given service to other organizations and community?

What have been the results of this service?

Did you implement or work with others on any new initiatives? If so, please give brief details.



How do I complete the endorsement


Answer will follow:

completing the endorsement form
Completing the Endorsement Form

In what capacity have you worked with the nominee? Based

on your personal and/or professional knowledge of this

nominee, why do you think this person would be successful in

This position? Include specific skills, strengths, and qualities

the nominee would bring to this position.

Please limit your response to a maximum of 200 words.


How do I write a great endorsement?

Answer will follow:


Writing a “Great” Endorsement

Read the questions on the endorsement form carefully.

Base the endorsement on your personal and/or professional knowledge of the nominee.

Make every word count, and limit your response to a maximum of 200 words.

Match leadership skills and experiences with the qualifications required of the position.

Give at least one specific example that shows leadership ability.

Mention specific examples in describing leadership successes.

Edit for clarity, conciseness, and correctness.



Can you show me any examples of

excellent endorsements?

Answer will follow:

an excellent endorsement
An excellent endorsement

Martha Member has all the necessary qualities to serve successfully as International Member-at-Large: intelligent, creative, inclusive and warm. I have known Martha at all levels of the Society for nearly 15 years, and I have worked personally with her in many situations. In her previous positions at the international level, she has definite accomplishments that point to her excellence.

She has been the chair of four international committees: Leadership Development – led the state organization presidents’ training at all five regional conferences; Program of Work – lead organizer and writer of 200+-page program manual; Professional Affairs – led Society focus on Mentoring by creating outstanding materials with her team; Communications – encouraged members at all levels to publicize their contributions to education and community by writing model press releases. In addition, she made significant contributions to other international committees on which she served.

Because of these accomplishments, she is well known to and admired by members from throughout the Society. At the state organization level, she has served on and chaired several different committees including Legislation and By Laws. Currently, she is chapter president, having led revitalization efforts for her chapter. Clearly, Martha has the talent and experience to serve as an exceptional Member-at-Large.

an excellent endorsement1
An excellent endorsement

I have known Mary Member for over 20 years—initially as a colleague principal, then later as a community administrator. Within DKG, I know Mary from my serving as a state president while she was executive secretary. I also observed her prowess as the chair of the state leadership committee.

Mary Member is hard working, creative, self-motivated, dedicated; she is an active listener, a confident team player, and an excellent organizer. As a community administrator, she accomplished several community projects in local schools, including methods of organizing the education of increasing numbers of immigrant children. Now she is planning the budget and organizing a summer school for students who have not reached their educational goals. She shows a great ability to co-operate and to propose innovative solutions.

As chair of the state organization leadership committee, she demonstrated how to organize and implement meetings, including the importance of accuracy and hard work. She is highly respected for her knowledge and expertise; numerous chapters seek her advice. At this year’s state organization conference, she lectured about leadership, giving practical advice underpinned by academic rationale. Based on the evidence above, I highly recommend Mary Member as a member of the International Leadership Committee.



What happens after the committee

receives the forms?

Answer will follow:

after receiving the forms
After Receiving the Forms

The committee members will do the following:

  • Access the secure electronic site to review the forms.
  • Read all information for each nominee and assess - on an assessment instrument - each section of the recommendation and endorsement form.
  • Identify the most outstanding quality, experience, and achievement as they relate to the position sought.
  • Rank the top three nominees for each position and include specific rationale for these choices.
  • Meet in Austin, Texas, beginning on Friday, October 25, 2013, to select at least one nominee for each of 20 positions.
  • Contact nominees on Sunday, October 27, 2013, by phone. Notify those members not selected by email letter following the meeting.
  • Publish the slate of nominees on the web site within three days following selection and again present the slate of nominees at the 2014 International Convention.


What are the myths (and more myths)

about nominations?

Answer will follow:

myths and more myths
Myths and More Myths
  • The reputation and position of the nominator and the endorser are weighted in the selection process.
  • Nominees with doctorate degrees are shown favor.
  • The Nominations Committee participates in the election process.
  • The Nominations Committee gives the names of nominees not selected to the international president for committee assignments.
  • The more conventions and conferences a nominee has attended, the more her nominations is weighted.
  • Use of the word “should” in the qualifications of nominees, such as “should have served as a state president”, means that the nominee must have met that criterion.
  • The more endorsements a nominee has, the better her chances.
  • Nominees must be nominated by other members.


What questions do members often


Answer will follow:



What are the deadlines for the nominations process?

Answer will follow:



Who is on the Nominations Committee?

Answer will follow:


Here is your committee!

Front row, left to right: Dr. Margie Nowak (NW), Irene Kasai (SW), Diane Robinson (NE), Elaine Warwick (SE)

Back row, left to right: Dr. Beverly Helms (SE), Dr. Morag Gundy (NE), Jill Foltz (SW), Dr. Elizabeth I. Tarner (SE), Rose Ann Moore (NW), Birgit Svensson (EUR), Kate York (EUR)



How can I contact someone on the Nominations Committee?

Answer will follow:


Contact the International Nominations Committee

Dr. Liz Tarner, chair 

liztarner@aol.comVirginia, (SE)

Elaine Warwick

Tennessee, (SE)

Irene Kasai

California, (SW)

Jill Foltz

Texas, (SW)

Diane Robinson

Washington, D.C. (NE)

Dr. Morag Gundy

Ontario, (NE)

Rose Ann Moore

Washington, (NW)

Dr. Margie

Nebraska, (NW)


Contact the International Nominations Committee

Birgit Svensson

Sweden, (EU)

Kate York

Great Britain, (EU)

Dr. Liz Tarner, chair 

liztarner@aol.comVirginia, (SE)

Dr. Beverly H.

international president,liaison



What if I have questions to ask right now?

Answer will follow:

if you have any questions right now
If you have any questions right now….

The members of the Nominations Committee for your region are here at the conference and will be happy to talk to you.