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Santa Rosa

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Santa Rosa . Community Organizations Active in Disasters. Board. COAD of Santa Rosa. Mission Focus. Response. Preparedness. Recovery. Mitigation. Board. COAD of Santa Rosa. Board. COAD of Santa Rosa. Administration. Nominations. Donations. Long term Recovery.

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Santa Rosa

Community Organizations

Active in Disasters




ofSanta Rosa


Mission Focus







ofSanta Rosa




ofSanta Rosa




Long term


Public Relations/Marketing


Unmet Needs




“Ad Hoc” Action Groups


Mission Focus







ofSanta Rosa




Long term


Public Relations/Marketing


Unmet Needs




“Ad Hoc” Action Groups

coad of santa rosa
COAD of Santa Rosa

COAD of Santa Rosa County is a

humanitarian association of organizations who

may be active in all phases of disaster. Its

mission is to foster efficient, streamlined

service delivery to people affected by

disasters, while eliminating unnecessary

duplication of effort, through cooperation in

the four phases of disaster: preparation,

response, recovery, and mitigation.

coad of santa rosa8
COAD of Santa Rosa

COAD of Santa Rosa is not a competing or

exclusionary organization. COAD of Santa

Rosa is intended to be a network for

organizations active in disaster. Each

COAD member organization will maintain its

own identity and independence while closely

collaborating with other COAD of Santa

Rosa member organizations.

coad of santa rosa9
COAD of Santa Rosa


COAD of Santa Rosa is born out of a very

successful Long Term Recovery Organization

that fulfilled its role after the last several


coad of santa rosa10
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Next we started the Business Emergency Recovery Toolkit (BERT) initiative by working with the chambers and business sponsors that cared about business continuity.
  • In conjunction with BERT we started a Business and Industry desk in the EOC so businesses can access information and assistance during a declared disaster.
coad of santa rosa11
COAD of Santa Rosa

On March 19th there was a Critical Incident Protocol

(CIP) seminar held on Whiting Field and businesses,

non profits and government organizations from

Escambia, Santa Rosa and Okaloosa were invited to

attend. The CIP is a Department of Homeland

Security (DHS) funded program run by Michigan

State University (MSU). The premise of the program

is to create public/private partnerships, something

that is getting pushed more and more from the federal

government. This was the first CIP program in the

state of Florida, so we are setting a trend for the rest

of the state.

coad of santa rosa12
COAD of Santa Rosa

Issues What are the challenges, problems or

limitations in building a partnership between the

Public and Private sectors?

  • Legal restrictions
  • Who pays?
  • Coordination/communication of asset
  • Asset control issues
  • Public Relations
  • Who is in charge?
  • Reaching out to businesses
coad of santa rosa13
COAD of Santa Rosa

Issues continued

  • Liability (use MOUs)
  • Differences in perception
  • Businesses excluded or not involved due to lack of experience, no avenue to approach them
  • Invitation to join
  • Time
  • Politics
  • Finding/identifying priorities
coad of santa rosa14
COAD of Santa Rosa

Issues continued

  • Keeping people motivated
  • Citizen alert shortfalls
  • Time/personnel to do the planning
  • “Out of sight out of mind” no disasters means people lose interest
  • Remaining engaged
  • Cultural and Jurisdictional issues between groups like municipalities, private/public sectors, north/south
coad of santa rosa15
COAD of Santa Rosa

Issues continued

  • Lack of trust
  • Security of donations and personnel
  • Sharing information in standard language
  • Command and control
  • Communications
  • Rules and regulations
  • Training
coad of santa rosa16
COAD of Santa Rosa

Opportunities In order to prepare for, respond

to, and recover from a critical incident, what

are the possibilities/opportunities for building a


  • More Education (ICS)
  • Trust Building
  • Cost Sharing
  • Experience
  • Regular meetings between players to keep open communications
coad of santa rosa17
COAD of Santa Rosa

Opportunities continued

  • Opportunity to identify key players and bring them together
  • Exchange of expertise
  • Joint exercises
  • Quarterly meetings between public/private sector – partnership building
  • Share lessons learned
  • Use of press releases, bulk mailings, flyers, website posting
coad of santa rosa18
COAD of Santa Rosa

Opportunities continued

  • Increased visibility
  • Promotion of citizen programs
  • Development of resource database
  • Ability to exercise plans with more external involvement
  • Force multiplier
  • Avoids duplication
  • Lowers costs of recovery
  • Allows for prioritization of resources
  • Quicker responses
coad of santa rosa19
COAD of Santa Rosa

Opportunities continued

  • Sharing cost for planning and training
  • Sharing knowledge, resources, skills
  • Cross training between businesses for similar skill sets
  • Raise awareness through education and acknowledgement/goodwill
  • Take advantage of free opportunities like CERT, CPR, Business continuity
  • Ability to reach other target audiences with preparedness messages
coad of santa rosa20
COAD of Santa Rosa

Issues “Suggest” how you would answer the challenges, problems or limitations in building a partnership between the Public and Private sectors?

  • Escambia has a COAD, Santa Rosa is forming one and Okaloosa has a VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters)….need to continue to support these organizations.
coad of santa rosa21
COAD of Santa Rosa

Issues continued

  • Inform businesses that during declared emergencies the government bid process is out the window, so a database of resources in the community would be mutually beneficial.
coad of santa rosa22
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Opportunities “Suggest” what specific steps are needed to develop the possibilities/opportunities in building a partnership preparing for, responding to, and recovering from critical incidents.
  • Develop central data base of resources (Like Homeless Coalition Survival Guide) and Aidmatrix
coad of santa rosa23
COAD of Santa Rosa

Opportunities continued

  • Provide a way for businesses to show they are involved in the community (posters, stickers etc)
  • Distribute awareness materials through school district to make children aware of local programs
  • Increase communication commitment by private sector entities
coad of santa rosa24
COAD of Santa Rosa

Opportunities continued

  • Encourage and support continuing education courses such as CPR, first aid etc…for employees, parishioners, etc.
  • Train and exercise the public and private sector together and have “like” businesses recruit others to participate (in other words sell the idea to your peers)
coad of santa rosa25
COAD of Santa Rosa

Opportunities continued

  • Develop exercises that appeal to private sector
  • Develop email groups to communicate with partners
  • Bring Chambers, civic organizations and nonprofits to the same table
  • Solicit sponsorships (corporate) Disseminate information through licensing (business) process
  • Utilize UWF and West Florida Planning Council for conduits of expertise
coad of santa rosa26
COAD of Santa Rosa

Remarks or Observations

  • Would like to see Business Continuity seminars
  • Co-shared leadership like in LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee)
  • Work with Security groups
  • Regional training to allow private sector to get involved in
  • Creates a sense of purpose
coad of santa rosa27
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • So what can a COAD do and how will it do it?
coad of santa rosa28
COAD of Santa Rosa

COAD of Santa Rosa accomplishes its mission by adhering to the following principles:

  • Cooperation
  • Coordination
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
coad of santa rosa29
COAD of Santa Rosa


  • Foster cooperation among COAD of Santa Rosa member organizations at all levels and in all phases of disaster
coad of santa rosa30
COAD of Santa Rosa


  • Coordinate the development of COAD of Santa Rosa policies and procedures, and, the implementation of services among COAD of Santa Rosa member organizations.
  • COAD of Santa Rosa serves as advocate and liaison between member agencies and the County, and the State of Florida
coad of santa rosa31
COAD of Santa Rosa


  • Exchange and disseminate information among COAD of Santa Rosa member organizations and the public, as well as local, state and federal agencies.
coad of santa rosa32
COAD of Santa Rosa


  • We dedicate ourselves to work together to achieve specific goals and to undertake specific projects to assist our community. We form partnerships before disasters strike.
coad of santa rosa33
COAD of Santa Rosa

Our goal is to bring like minded

organizations and people to the same table

in a collective effort to solve the issues faced

by our community year round.


coad of santa rosa34
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • 40% of businesses never reopen
  • 25% of remaining permanently closewithin two years.
  • “44% of Americans report they

don’t know what to do.”

coad of santa rosa35
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • 93% of businesses that lose their data center for 10 days or more file for bankruptcy within one year.
  • 50% file immediately.
coad of santa rosa36
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Small businesses alone account for more than:
  • 99% of all businesses with employees.
  • Employ 50% of all private sector workers.

Provide nearly 45% of the nation’s payroll.

Special Report

Small Business Survival Guide

Scott Reeves 08.29.05, 4:15 PM ET

New York - A hurricane may rip the roof off your office, but

it doesn't mean you have to shutter the business.

Nevertheless, the Federal Emergency Management

Agency reports that about 40% of small businesses don't

reopen after a major disaster. This can jolt a region

because the U.S. Small Business Administration says

independent enterprises provide most of the jobs in a local


"Small businesses are uniquely vulnerable to disaster,“

says Donna R. Childs, co-author of Contingency Planning

and Disaster Recovery: A Small Business Guide.

coad of santa rosa38
COAD of Santa Rosa

Another Community issue includes:


  • Depending on definitions, there are between 300 and 1000 homeless in Santa Rosa.
  • What is being done about this?
coad of santa rosa39
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • There is one church hosting a cold weather shelter.
  • There is an organization working on supporting homeless mothers with children.
  • There is another organization in Santa Rosa to assist with the homeless issue.
  • The schools are involved in this community problem
  • These are just a few examples……
coad of santa rosa40
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • More community involvement is needed to identify who needs help, and how to help them…….before disasters.
  • More people need to know how to survive the multitude of disasters that could potentially affect our community.
  • More people can be assisted after a disaster utilizing an organization like the COAD. It worked before, it can work again.
coad of santa rosa41
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • The involvement of the COAD in the community is limited by the participation and motivation of you the membership.
  • The COAD is being written into the County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
coad of santa rosa42
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Registered today……..

Business 34

Faith Based 26

Non Profit 36

Government 24

individuals 8

total 128

With 118 actually attending………

coad of santa rosa43
COAD of Santa Rosa

Committees? What do they do?

Nominations will solicit COAD members to

become active in COAD leadership, assess

those who self nominate, and ensure there

is a balance representing membership on

the board.

coad of santa rosa44
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Long Term Recovery

Activated when a need arises. Takes care of

the issues that revolve around long term

care and needs of disaster victims, most

likely from a hurricane.

coad of santa rosa45
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Volunteers

Solicit the community for volunteers to

partner with a non profit, become active with

a church, or otherwise volunteer to help the

needy in our community. Register volunteers

for a time when they are needed.

coad of santa rosa46
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Unmet needs

Name it……homeless, cold weather

shelters, any issue that is beyond the scope

of another committee.

coad of santa rosa47
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Case Management

Discovering the needs of the disaster victims

and/or homeless and directing them to the

right place to get the required assistance.

May work in conjunction with Long Term

Recovery, Unmet Needs, or may not be

needed at all.

coad of santa rosa48
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Training

Provide the best training possible to all

COAD member organizations in order to

ensure that employees/parishioners are

prepared to survive disasters and return to

work or being active in the community.

coad of santa rosa49
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Public Relations/Marketing

Spread the word about what the COAD and

its members are doing. Raise funds.

coad of santa rosa50
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Donations

Be prepared to manage and distribute

donations given to the COAD, work on fund


coad of santa rosa51
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Administration

Assist in the daily functioning of the COAD

and assist in managing the pieces of the

whole for the betterment of all.

coad of santa rosa52
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Committees or Actions Groups can be as few or as many as determined by you the membership. The opportunities are endless, just get involved.
coad of santa rosa53
COAD of Santa Rosa

Benefits to you………

  • Education - providing training and increasing awareness and preparedness in each organization.
  • Networking and Collaborating with like minded organizations
  • Sense of inclusion and altruism
  • Opportunities to participate in drills and exercises
coad of santa rosa54
COAD of Santa Rosa

Businesses in Florida play a vital role in the state's

domestic security efforts. 

BusinesSafe is designed to provide you with tools to

protect your assets and help safeguard the citizens

and visitors of Florida.

BusinesSafe is designed to involve local businesses

in protecting the safety and well-being of Florida’s

residents and visitors from threats man-made or


coad of santa rosa55
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • We have a webpage available to you at:

It is live as of this morning!

  • Registration
  • Calendar
  • Information/resource sharing

Check it out! Spread the word!

coad of santa rosa56
COAD of Santa Rosa

De Flounlacker

-Volunteer Florida

-Benefits of a COAD in all phases of disaster

-COADs in Florida

Dave Cobb

-BRACE…….the other COAD

Denise Garner

-Aidmatrix discussion

coad of santa rosa58
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • Special thanks to:
  • United Way of Santa Rosa
  • Shuford White
  • Baptist Association
  • Retired Senior & Volunteer Program / Santa Rosa Volunteer Center
  • American Red Cross
  • Be Ready Alliance Coordinating for Emergencies
  • Granite Communications
  • Volunteer Florida
  • Sheriff’s Office
  • 4H and others for their contributions
coad of santa rosa59
COAD of Santa Rosa
  • And a special thanks to all of you who thought enough of the citizens in our community to come together today to create what we all hope will be a successful venture into securing a safe future for all the citizens of Santa Rosa County.
"There is no telling how far a man can go in life if he doesn't care who gets the credit"

Ronald Reagan - 40th President of the United States