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US- X Printer Specification PowerPoint Presentation
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US- X Printer Specification

US- X Printer Specification

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US- X Printer Specification

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  1. US-X Printer Specification

  2. US-DX Printer Specification Sold to Samsung Semiconductor Module / Package division.. etc 8 division ,20 facilities of Samsung and its vendor Parallel Dual lane (Patent No. : 10-1025129) < Patent > Patent acquisition on 19th March, 2011 No. 10-1025129

  3. US – X series A differentiated Most stable printing table with high precise 4 ball screws Convenient stencil change and Easy Side conveyor width adjustment Useful & Simple Software for operating 2D Inspection system included and SPI software interlock program(Optional) Proven high precise printing for fine pitch 0.3 and 0402 / 0603 (mm) component

  4. Most stable Table • High precise Ball Screw with ESE itself Grinding to improve the durability and the abrasion • Stable Table Support system with 4 Ball screws for Z1 / Z2 Axis • High Table Location accuracy with SERVO motors (X, Y, Theta, Z1 and Z2 Axis) 4. High Z Axis accuracy realized with additional Shaft & LM Bush

  5. ESE US-X Printing Table – Center Type Center table rail 1 & 2 move and always located onto Center of Table supported by 4 ball screws Therefore, under any conditions, a pressure dispersion is even and this takes a high & equal printing quality accordingly though the machine long running time without extra alignment or calibration Additional, 5 stages Snap-Off function also carry out a stable table separation and more accurate & high printing quality as well Other Machines Printing Table – Front / Rear Type Table rail 1 fixed & Rail 2 only moves and always located onto Front or Rear of Table supported by 1 ball screw & 4 (or 2-3) Guide Therefore, a pressure dispersion is uneven and lean in front or Rear. Although new machine doesn’t have a printing quality issue, thus, but with the machine long running time, customer needs to do new alignment or calibration with high cost. ESE US-X Table A Pressure dispersion Other Machines Table A Pressure dispersion

  6. ESE US-X machine Camera : 3 LED lights for PCB and 1 LED light for Stencil 3 LED lights for much correct recognition regardless of Fiducial Mark Gold, Silver and Copper..etc coating and shape (Other some machines – 1 PCB and 1 Stencil or 2 PCB and 1 Stencil) ESE US-X vision algorithm : COGNEX

  7. Z Clamp Vacuum Hole ESE US-X machine Clamp Z , Y and Vacuum(option). Z, Y clamping by cylinder . Some other machines by ball screw or a mechanical. Thus, ESE US-X clamping doesn’t give any impact or damage of PCB during clamping Y Clamp

  8. Y Clamp The system of useful stencil change and easy side conveyor width adjustment can assure to save your production time and much higher productivity Most useful and convenient Software 500GB PC hard disk – Almost all production data can be extracted Precision regulator control for Squeegee pressure and speed All programmable Specialized & Customized Squeegee available

  9. Real 2D inspection ( Excess, Shortage and Bridge ) With SPI interlock program, Error check between Stencil mask and PCB Feedback & Share the data Automatically Printing coordinates calibrating à High printing quality guide

  10. Major Axis ( Table X, Y, Z, Theta, Camera, Squeegee) controlled by Servo Motor Automatic Control or Programmable Cleaning System Wet – Dry – Vacuum per production condition No clog Solvent nozzle and Even solvent spray 0402 / 0603 (mm) Fine Pitch accuracy ±0.015mm Repeatability ±0.0125mm