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Pictures Inspire Writing PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentation
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Pictures Inspire Writing PowerPoint

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Pictures Inspire Writing PowerPoint
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Pictures Inspire Writing PowerPoint

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  1. Pictures Inspire Writing PowerPoint

  2. 1 Some Wondrous Sunset Ashley WilliamsOne of the greatest beauties of the world.Brings a genuine smile to your face.And it's kind of indescribable, but all the different colors are so incredibly impressive.Wishing you could just fall into it,and it would capture you with beauty.It opens up a whole new world,with a different journey each time.Representing life in its own way...all different things within blended togetherto form a beautiful wonder.An incredible sunset.

  3. 2 Unseen Jordan Blanding and Ashley Williams There are many colors in the world… Just regular colors that blend, compliment, Exaggerate and contrast with each other. But sometimes the best picture is created naturally. The colors of the world are all in existence, Every shade and every hue accounted for But yet when put together… It’s as if the array had never been seen before.

  4. 3 Ocean Views Alex Simpson and Ashley Williams Like waking up on an early morning on the ocean. The most beautiful thing… the sunrise. One of the best I’ve ever seen. Beauty of sunrise over the calm water.

  5. More to a Crappy Day Katie Markellos and Ashley Williams Happy feelings mixed with sad feelings Happy is the ocean and the colors, So warm, nice and inviting. As if life is such an easy thing. Sad is knowing that everything isn’t this great. Peace and harmony mixed with opposition. Although this is human nature… Things are only as bad as you make them. There are always better times.

  6. A Little Story Jasmine Andres and Ashley Williams I'd never known what the sea looked like before... Not until the moment we had made it past the Barrier Mountains. It was beautiful from my perch above the world. I could see the rolling of the hills below me stretching out into a vast landscape that twist and turned like a great serpent. The Longlee river slipped out past the mountains base and flowed into the Titians Sea. We were truly lucky on a journey to have arrived as the sun was setting, the massive body of water played with the light and only just casting the Island off the coast in a dark shadow.I knew I had to get closer to it. Like the waves crashing on shore, the force of nature was pulling and pushing me to it. Our wagon party was setting up camp. They wouldn't notice me slip off. I was the quiet one in the group, no one would notice until it was time to head to bed and a headcount was inducted.Making sure my horse was still saddled and no one was looking, I hitched up and lead us out of the camp site as quietly as possible. Nothing was going to stop me from getting down there.