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Final Practical Review

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Final Practical Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Final Practical Review. Canis latrans. Urocyon cinereoargenteus. Gray fox. Vulpes vulpes. Lynx rufus. Lutra canadensis. Lutra canadensis. Taxidae taxus. Mustella frenata top, Mustela vison. Mustela frenata top, Mustela vison bot.

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Final Practical Review

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Reithrodontomysmegalotis, Peromyscusmaniculatus, Peromyscusleucopus, Peromyscusgossypinus, Ochrotomysnuttali

Note: R. megalotis is small (< 15g, and has fluffy fur. P. manic is <18g, and has a tail that is < 2/3 of the body length. P. leucopus is c. 25g, and has a tail that is > 2/3 body length. P. gossypinus is huge at 35g, and Ochrotomys is gold in color, especially around the ears.

zapus hudsonicus

Note: really long tail and really long hind feet.

microtus ochrogaster top and microtus pinetorum bot
Microtusochrogaster (top) and Microtuspinetorum (bot).

Note length of tail relative to hind foot length.

  • There are a few specimens missing here. 1) woodrat (Neotomafloridana, red backed vole, bog lemming) I will have these out for review before the test, so please, relax. 2) Deer, Elk, Horse, Black Bear, Cougar.
  • Recall, you are responsible for orders and families of zoo animals (antelope, cats, canids, rhinos, elephants, oryx, giraffe, camel etc.).
  • I will not ask about families of cetaceans.
  • I will ask about eared and earless seals.
  • Also missing: Eastern Chipmunk, Red Squirrel, Franklin’s Ground Squirrel, Marmot, 13-lined Ground Squirrel.