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Welcome to the Pre-Summer 2014 Parent’s Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Pre-Summer 2014 Parent’s Meeting

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Welcome to the Pre-Summer 2014 Parent’s Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Pre-Summer 2014 Parent’s Meeting
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  1. Welcome to the Pre-Summer 2014 Parent’s Meeting

  2. ILC Youth Mission Statement Our youth ministry exists to Energize students’ lives with other believers, Expose them to the gospel, Educate them to be mature Christ followers, Encourage lives of worship, and Enable them to act in the community and the ends of the earth.

  3. Super Soaked and Slimy Sundays This summer will be filled with wet and wild games. We are talking about water balloon fights, squirt guns, and shaving cream, and everybody knows that when teenagers and these types of activities are combined, there are no innocent bystanders. Make sure you send them with a towel and modest clothes that they can get messy in!

  4. June Activities Bike and Burger Rally Day Thursday, June 5th Leaving from Jefferson Elementary parking lot at 10:00 AM. Bring money for lunch at Burger King. Afternoon at Jackson Ave. CoffeeFriday, June 27thMeet at The J.A.C and bring money and your favorite card game.

  5. July Activities Cow Appreciation Day and trip to Sky Zone Jump ParkFriday, July 11th – In Plainfield (West Indianapolis), INIf you participate lunch at Chic-fil-a is FREE, and admission to the park is $15! RSVP and waivers will be required for the day event!We plan on departing at 8:30 AM and returning by 4:00 PM.

  6. July Activities Cont’ Turkey Run Canoe TripSaturday, July 26th – Sunday, July 27th Forms will be available at our Summer Celebration Party on May 30th. All forms are due by July 11th, and must be delivered to Kyle by each family. Swimming at Libby’sThursday, July 17th at 1:00 PM Bring a towel and a friend!

  7. Summer Sunday Night Curriculum Craig Groeschel tackles the growing problem of people “believing in God but living as if He doesn’t exist”. Quoting Titus 1:16, “They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him.” the author points out several ways he himself, and other believers are guilty of ignoring important aspects of being a Child of God (not knowing Him, not Forgiving others, pursuing happiness at any cost, trusting in money over God, not being part of his church, and not believing you can change).

  8. Sunday School Curriculum Everyone’s favorite sea-sponge will be illustrating several important lessons for us this summer including: Entrapment by Sin (Hooky), Watching What Comes Out of Our Mouth’s (Sailor Mouth), Teasing In Contradiction to the Greatest Commandment (Squirrel Jokes), Faith in the Unseen (Club Sponge), Dying to Our Old Selves (Born Again Krabs).

  9. Fundraisers and Service Events Our Rummage Sale made over $1,000! We are excited to announce that we are going to take it easy on the fundraisers this summer, and will pick up our “third Sunday” meals in August. As for service projects, we will also take a break for June and July, unless there is something that individual students want to organize themselves, in which we will gladly pass along information.

  10. Volunteers We appreciate your help by being on the volunteer roster. Just by being present activities can run smoother and get immortalized on film forever. We however understand that summer time is particularly crazy with everyone trying to fit in vacations, so before we publish a schedule for Sunday nights please make sure you communicate your families plans.

  11. Questions and Comments

  12. Mark your calendars for Sunday, August 3rd for our Back to School Quarterly Meeting!