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Theodore Roosevelt

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President: 1901-1909. Theodore Roosevelt. Took over after McKinley assassinated, left for Taft to take over, ran again in 1912 as 3 rd Party. "We must see that each is given a square deal…"

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theodore roosevelt

President: 1901-1909

Theodore Roosevelt

Took over after McKinley assassinated, left for Taft to take over, ran again in 1912 as 3rd Party

the square deal

"We must see that each is given a square deal…"

“When I say I believe in a square deal I do not mean [that it is] possible to give every man the best hand…. All I mean is that there shall not be any crookedness in the dealing…. We must treat each man on his worth and merits as a man. We must see that each is given a square deal, because he is entitled to no more and should receive no less….

The Square Deal

the three c s of square deal

Corporations: Trusts are good and bad. Destroy

The bad trusts, keep good ones.

The Three C’s of Square Deal

Consumer Protection: Safety in foods and medicines

For American citizens. Protect the Consumer

Conservation: Replenish destroyed resources and

Conserve the resources still available

taking on corporations

Northern Securities Company case:

Case taken to Supreme Court on Roosevelt’s insistence

Supreme Court ruled that combining the three companies violated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act

Taking on Corporations

TR viewed as a trustbuster (enforcer of Sherman)

1902 Anthracite Coal Strike

United Mine Workers go on strike, months pass with no end of strike

Winter approaching and miners still on strike

TR threatened to send in the Army to run the mines if nothing fixed.

Arbitration finally agreed upon and miners back to work

corporation reforms

Hepburn Act:

Strengthened ICC

ICC to set rates


Corporation Reforms

Bureau of Corporations


Investigate corporations

Watch over Trusts forming

consumer protection

Muckrakers exposed dangers to consumers

Poisons in medicines

Poorly prepared food products

Consumer Protection

Passage of the

Pure Food and Drug Act

Required labels and contents

To be listed on food/drugs

Passage of Meat Inspection Act

Federal inspection of meat

Standards in plants

conservation efforts

Newlands Reclamation Act passed in 1902

Conservation Efforts

Federal funds to pay for conservation projects

and efforts

Creation of The Sierra Club: founded by John Muir

Supported by Teddy Roosevelt

TR added millions of acres of land to protected forests

Created 5 new national parks

election of 1912

Teddy Roosevelt: Bull Moose (Progressive) party

Election of 1912

Woodrow Wilson: Democrat Party

William Howard Taft: Republican Party

Eugene V. Debs: Socialist Party

new nationalism vs new freedom

TR running as a 3rd Party ensured a Republican loss by splitting Republican voters between him and Taft

Debs ran a strong Socialist Party campaign

New Nationalism vs. New Freedom

Major ideologies were between TR’s New Nationalism and

WW’s New Freedom plans

New Nationalism of TR

New Freedom of WW

Destroy “BAD” trusts

Destroy “ALL” trusts

Protect women/children in labor

Pro-Small Business

Smaller Federal Government

Workman’s compensation

New Federal Trade Commission