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CSCE 1040. Computer Science 2 First Day. Course. Dr. Ryan Garlick Office: Research Park F201 B Inside the Computer Science department office Grader TBA Please address grading questions to the grader. Research Park Shuttle. Free Parking at Research Park.

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Csce 1040

CSCE 1040

Computer Science 2

First Day


  • Dr. Ryan Garlick


  • Office:

  • Research Park F201 B

    • Inside the Computer Science department office

  • Grader TBA

    • Please address grading questions to the grader

Free parking at research park
Free Parking at Research Park

  • Park and ride the shuttle to main campus


  • Glad you chose an Engineering major

  • We need more engineers / fewer lawyers


  • No Lab component like CS1

  • More in-class programming assignments

  • General access lab in B129 1st floor

    • Open early to late

    • No specific help in 1040

  • Help Lab in F205 2nd floor RP

    • TAs here to help with programming

    • Your Lab TA has hours here

Exams homework
Exams / Homework

  • 2 Midterms and a Final Exam

  • Some quizzes in class

    • Some announced, some not

  • Homework assignments

  • Final is comprehensive


  • Order online and save some $

  • Keep your Small Java (CS1) book for reference


  • Only you can drop a class

  • You are NOT automatically dropped for

    • Non-attendance

    • Failing a test

    • etc.

  • It is your responsibility to check drop dates

  • 7th and later drop from any Texas public school becomes an F.

  • Come speak to me if you are having trouble

Course comments
Course comments

  • It is easy to fall behind in this class

  • Attend lecture – stay current on the material

  • No extra credit assignments will be given

  • Please don’t anticipate some huge end of semester curve

  • If you do not attend class, you will not do well

Course comments1
Course comments

  • Some outside exploration is required

  • Google “Java…”

  • I will go out of my way to help you if you are trying.

  • If you don’t study or care, I don’t either.

Course material
Course Material

  • Start with Arrays

  • OOP Concepts

  • Algorithms

  • Try to make class more real-world

    • Pros

    • Cons


Course material1
Course Material

  • Not always a clear path from point A to point B.

  • You will have to find solutions to problems on your own

  • Sometimes frustrating

  • If you enjoy solving problems you are in the right place

Don t be this guy
Don’t be This Guy

  • What do I have to get on the final to get a D?

  • Hey, someone left their program on a lab computer – saves me some time!

  • I missed last Tuesday – why don’t you fill me in on what I missed

  • I am going to miss Thursday – are we doing anything important?

  • Please sign your emails and don’t use txt msg spk, I rly h8 it lol


  • Cheating is a big problem in this class

  • All assignments are individual work – you should write your own programs.

  • Copying someone else’s lab or programming homework will result in an F for the semester.

  • It happens every semester


  • What is OK?

  • “Hey, I am stuck on figuring out how to implement xyz”

  • Discussing strategies, algorithms, and techniques is always OK.


  • What is NOT OK?

  • Any time you electronically copy someone’s program

  • Typing someone’s program in from a printout

    • It does not matter how much you modify their program

  • If you do this, you will receive an F. If you allow someone to copy your work, you get an F also.


  • MOSS (Measure of Software Similarity) is anti-plagiarism software.

  • It is used between all classes and all previous semesters.

  • Don’t be the person who tests it this semester.

For next time
For Next Time

  • Brush up on Java from last semester – Chapter 1

  • We will start with arrays.

  • Download the JDK and Netbeans


    • You need Java SE (Standard Edition) and Netbeans