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Nike!. By Sonpreet 806 Mr.Kang Microsoft word didn’t work so I used PowerPoint . The Nike Shoes Ad. Purpose:

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By Sonpreet 806


Microsoft word didn’t work so I used PowerPoint 



  • The purpose of this ad is to persuade people who played NBA 2k games to buy Nike equipment. This image was taken from a NBA game which had professional athlete show case his Nike shoes. The other purpose of this ad was the same as other companies to increase their profit.
  • Techniques used:
  • They showed a basketball player who could be someone's favorite basketball player, and he was holding Nike shoes which sometimes if you are a fan you would buy anything your role model wears or does.


  • When I look at this picture I am not really that persuaded because I'm not into basketball and I'm not into shoes. For me shoes are regular everyday items that we use in everyday life, but if you look at girls they like fashion including shoes . Nike does make girl shoes (I believe). Others who are into shoes/basketball they will quite buy the shoe because it might give them special feelings (power/confidence).
  • Although I would say this ad is 8-40. I say 8 because by the age of 8 every kids starts playing sports and buys sports shoes to get better at it. I say 40 because there are basketball/soccer/other sport players that still play sport near the age of 40 (30-35-38).


  • As I told you before some adults/kids are really in to sports and are into specific types of shoes but there are also the kind of people like me that say “any shoe is the same as the other, just the size matter”. A lot of soccer/basketball players wear either Nike or Puma shoes because they’re sports shoe like soccer shoes are made for kicking and running shoes are meant for running, also snow shoes designed to fight snow (keep snow out of boots and don’t get dirty feet/legs.
  • That’s it Mr.Kang Thank-you and hopefully I did well.
  • Sonpreet Mann 806