Towards a new model of education cooperation with China
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Yuzhuo Cai CEREC , University of Tampere 25.4.2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Towards a new model of education cooperation with China --A solution by the Finn-Sino Education Cooperation Network. Yuzhuo Cai CEREC , University of Tampere 25.4.2014. Main topics. What is the network?

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Towards a new model of education cooperation with China--A solution by the Finn-Sino Education Cooperation Network


CEREC, University of Tampere


Main topics
Main topics

What is the network?

How can the network help overcome the current challenges faced by Finnish educational institutions in cooperation with China?

What is finn sino education cooperation network
What is Finn-Sino Education Cooperation Network?

Open platform initiated by CEREC and FERC

Governing/advisory board

Executive body

Operational units

Public/free service

Public funding, sponsorship, project funding

Ambition to become Nordic-SinoEducationCooperationNetwork

Aims of the network
Aims of the network

To provide knowledge and information about both countries’ education practices and policy development

To analyse the relevance of one's education system and education practices on the other

To facilitate and support dialogues between key actors in both field

To establish a database and network of key actors and resources in the field

To educate Finnish Chinese education expert and Chinese Finnish education expert

To team up interesting actors and apply external funding for ad hoc projects

To provide tailor-made services

To monitor the cooperation and develop quality assurance standards

Challenges in finland s education coopeartion with china
Challenges in Finland’seducationcoopeartion with China

Little knowledge about Chinese higher education

Ineffective approaches to promoting Finnish higher education

Lack of trust building with Chinese partners

Lack of successful experiences of developing joint degree programmes with Chinese partners and particularly education export

Lack of coordination between Finnish higher education institutions

Insufficient motivation and commitment (especially on education export)

Unclear vision on international cooperation and education export

The most essential problem
The most essential problem

Lack of cooperation and coordination among Finnish educational institutions at the national level

Solutions by the network

High quality research in the field by highly competent teams

Promotion of one Finnish brand and development of quality assurance system

Network building mechanisms and information sharing channels.

Studying existing cooperation cases

Problems caused by the ineffective cooperation

  • Repetition in gaining basic knowledge about Chinese education

  • Ineffective market approaches and unaffordable marketing costs

  • Lack of information sharing and network building

  • Slow learning process in education cooperation with China

Two examples

Stimulating national coordination trough quality assurance development: This is Finnish Education

Capacity development trough training local experts.

This is finnish education
This is FinnishEducation”

  • A quality assurance system for training Chinese educational professionals.

  • Capacitybuilding for Finnishtrainingproviders

    • Based on the understanding of both Finnish and Chinese education system as well as training practices, we will help Finnish education providers to develop their capacity and skills for training Chinese professional learners and list them as qualified operators under the “This is Finnish Education Training Series”.

  • Promoteonebrand and provideone stop shopping for Chineseclients

    • Meanwhile, we will promote the training series in China as a symbol for high quality education training programmes in Finland for Chinese customers.

    • So the benefits for Finnishtrainingproviders: instead of hunting for clients, the Chineseclientswillfindyou.

Sustainable solution by the network
Sustainable solution by the network

  • Capacity building: Training more and more Finns to become Chinese education experts

    • Seminars/short term training

    • Research projects

    • MA and PhD education

We are now more confident as FERC (Finnish Education Research Centre) is joining the network!