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Overview of ABPMP BPM-BOK

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Overview of ABPMP BPM-BOK - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of ABPMP BPM-BOK. Professional Association.

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professional association
Professional Association
  • The Association of Business Process Management Professionals is a non-profit, vendor independent professional organization dedicated to the advancement of business process management concepts and its practices. ABPMP is practitioner-oriented and practitioner-led.
our mission
Our Mission
  • The mission of ABPMP is:
    • to engage in activities that promote the practice of business process management,
    • to develop a Common Body of Knowledge in this field, and
    • to contribute to the advancement and skill development of professionals who work in this discipline.
  • ABPMP produces educational and networking events for continuing education and sharing of best practices, new ideas, and experiences of its members and professional colleagues.
  • Began 2003 in Chicago
  • Active Chapters Today
    • Chicago
    • Metro New York
    • Philadelphia
    • Portland, OR
    • Southeast Michigan
    • Washington, D.C.
  • New Chapters Forming
    • Atlanta
    • Boston
    • Cincinnati
    • Dallas
    • Denver
  • Phoenix
  • Saint Louis
  • San Diego
  • SF Bay Area
  • Tampa Bay
education committee
Education Committee
  • Yvonne Antonucci, PhD, Professor Widener University
  • Marty Bariff, PhD, Professor Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Tony Benedict, MBA, BPM Practitioner, Consultant, Adjunct Faculty Univ. of Pittsburgh
  • Brett Champlin, MBA, BPM Practitioner, Adjunct Faculty Univ. of Chicago
  • Bruce Downing, PhD, BPM Practitioner, Consultant
  • Jason Franzen, MBA, BPM Practitioner, Consultant
  • Sandra Lusk, BPM Practitioner, Consultant
  • Dan Madison, MBA, Author, Consultant, Adjunct Faculty Univ. of Chicago
  • Bill Merx, BPM Practitioner
  • Andrew Spanyi, Author, Consultant, Researcher & Adjunct Faculty Babson College
  • Mark Treat, MBA, BPM Practitioner, Author, Consultant
  • Committee Chairs
what are we doing
What are we doing?
  • Developing a BPM Common Body of Knowledge (first draft release ~May 2007)
  • Developing Model Curricula for BPM
  • Developing Training Endorsement Program
  • Developing Professional Certification Program
  • Developing Seminars
  • Developing links with Academia
building blocks

1Enterprise Business Process Management

2Process Management

3Process Organization

6Process Design

4Process Modeling

5Process Analysis

Process Management Technologies

9Business Rules Management System

10Performance Management System

7Process Repository Administration System

8BPMS – Execution, Orchestration, Integration

Values, Beliefs, Culture, Leadership

Building Blocks


  • Introduction to Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Process Management
  • Business Process Management Organization
  • Process Modeling
  • Process Analysis
  • Process Design
  • Process Implementation
  • BPM Systems
  • Process Repository Administration
  • Conclusion/Next Steps


  • Model BPM Curricula
  • Reference Disciplines
  • BPM Glossary
preface defining the nature and role of the bpm professional
Preface: Defining the Nature and Role of the BPM Professional
  • BPM Professionals – Business or IT practitioners?
  • BPM as a management discipline and a set of technologies that support that discipline
  • BPM as the dominant management paradigm for 21st century
  • Process and Performance Management
  • New Roles in BPM
  • BPM Center of Excellence
  • The Business Process Professional
1 introduction to business process management
1. Introduction to Business Process Management

What is Business Process Management?

BPM Critical Success Factors

BPM “professional space”

BPM Sub-Disciplines (major topics)

BPM Lifecycle

Process Controls & Metrics

Process Performance Management

2 enterprise process management
2. Enterprise Process Management

Definition of Enterprise Process Management

Process Governance

Process Portfolio Management


Benefits of EPM

Best Practices in EPM

From Planning to Action

3 business process management organization
3. Business Process Management Organization

The Process Enterprise

Process Roles

Process Owner

Process Manager

Process Analyst

Process Designer

Organizational Structures

Process Council

BPM Office

Centers of Excellence

Team Based Performance

4 process modeling
4. Process Modeling

Definition of Process Modeling

Purpose of Process Modeling

Process Modeling for EPM

Levels of Process Models

Manual & Technology Assisted Modeling

Diagramming Notations

Diagramming, Mapping, and Modeling

Model Characteristics/Attribution


Model Quality

5 process analysis
5. Process Analysis

Continuous Analysis

Event Triggered Analysis

Analyzing a Process

Analysis Techniques

Analyzing Human Performance

Assessments and Methodologies

Process Frameworks

Critical Success Factors

6 process design
6. Process Design

Process Designer

Design Team

Roadmap for Process Design

Preparing for Process Design

Key Activities in Process Design

Process Design Principles

7 process implementation
7. Process Implementation

What is BPM Implementation?

Activities Involved in Process Implementation

Implementation Frameworks

Project Management

Integration Management

Scope Management

Implementation Metrics

Perpetuating the BPM Lifecycle

8 business process management systems
8. Business Process Management Systems

What is a BPMS?

BPM Technologies

Modeling, Analysis & Design Technologies

Implementation & Execution Technologies

Management Decisions, Performance Measures, and Administrative Activities

Trends and Convergence of BPM Systems

How to Select and Implement BPMS

9 process repository administration
9. Process Repository Administration

Why is Process Repository Administration Important?

Activities involved in Repository Administration

Managing Models

Integrating Models

Model Ownership

Managing Repository Change

10 conclusion next steps
10. Conclusion/Next Steps

BPM Success Factors

Assessing Organizational BPM “Maturity”

  • Model Curricula
    • Undergraduate Degree
    • Graduate Degree
    • MBA Concentration
    • Training
  • Reference Disciplines
    • List of related fields
  • Glossary
    • Definition of Terms and acronyms