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Next Gen Access

Next Gen Access

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Next Gen Access

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  1. Next Gen Access The Devon is in the Detail?

  2. Guy Jarvis • Neoeon – 1st Generation Rural Community Broadband since 2003 • Fibrestream – end to end NGA delivery, build maintain and operate • NextGenUs UK CIC • Pioneering community interest NGA asset owner • Digital Britain Report Implementation • BSG COTS Steering Group • INCA – Scrutiny Panel • RNLI NGA Video

  3. Glossary NGA – Next Generation Access. The 4th Utility for the 21stCentury Natural Successor to Broadband Telephone, Television FttH– Fibre to the Home. Future Proof Fixed Access FiWi – Fibre and Wireless. Fixed and Mobile Access

  4. Change Creates Opportunity • Opportunity • First movers advantage • Telecommunications • Incumbent models have to change • Utility • Connectivity is as important as Gas, Electric, Water • Digital Poverty • Social inclusion, Education, E-Health, Transformational Government, Regeneration. • World leading • (Asia is more digitally advanced)

  5. So, What is the NGA Killer App? 1792 Coal Gas Was used to light streets in Cornwall. 1881 Electric Street lights were installed in Newcastle. 1858 Sewer systems In London saved countless lives from cholera. 2010 the UK makes its first steps in lighting the way to a new future that will see E-Health and other truly transformational services for the next century

  6. NextGenUs NGA TestBed • NextGenUs in partnership with KCOM in Hull is delivering a nationally significant NGA trial • Upto 1000 residential testers, pay to play • Range of socio-demographics • - inner city urban • - remote rural • Exploring opportunities to replicate in Devon (Eclipse Internet) NextGenUs approach is about putting people first

  7. NGA and T-Government • NGA allows public sector to cut the costs of transactions eg. • Health • Wealth • Learning • E-Government • 2 way video calls provide the means to slash costs and improve Shared Services delivery. • Reduced Carbon Footprint – move information not people

  8. National picture Widespread awakening towards the possibilities of NGA gathering pace in 2010 Do we as a community leave the job to Incumbent Telcos? Or is there a better way of using the opportunity of change in the First Mile to reshape the terms of trade? Alternative ownership models and natural monopolies

  9. Near term futures PoWC (Proof of Working Concept) NGA projects Devon & Somerset Q1 start Q2 completion 2010 NextGenUs UK CIC Asset Lock and Community Interest Test – The NGA Governance Solution FibreStream end to end NGA delivery consortium – The NGA Technology Solution Second Half 2010 – post general election NGA projects emerging in every county and region informed by PoWC learning – Devon can be amongst the UK NGA leaders and pioneers.

  10. World Class NGA is Vital Though the country is in a recession and Devon is no exception There is cause for optimism that NGA will provide a key stimulus towards economic development Quick wins in the physical building of networks – FttH is labour and capital intensive – creates wide range of jobs

  11. Devon in the Details Social Entrepreneurial Ethos Putting People First Means Technology is the Servant First Mile NOT Last Mile Final Third First Focus on Structure and Governance Key Question – Who benefits from the NGA Operating Surplus?

  12. Together We Are The Network With collaborative working and a true understanding of NGA communities will all benefit