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What is Chat? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Chat?

What is Chat?

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What is Chat?

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  1. What is Chat? • Email does not permit realtime conversations. • Chat enables realtime communication on the Internet. •   Chats can include exchange of pictures, animations, sounds and other files.

  2. Types of Chat • Private chat-  A chat that occurs between two individuals. • Public chat-  A chat with any number of participants entering and leaving the chat room.

  3. General Information • Lurking-  Entering a chat room and simply watching rather than participating. • Emoticons-  symbols used to convey emotions :)    >:(

  4. Acronyms used for common expressions:

  5. Acronyms used for common expressions:

  6. Acronyms used for common expressions:


  8. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) • A multi-user program for conducting informal discussions with individuals at other locations. • Commercial use of IRC allow companies to communicate with associates and customers.

  9. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) • Chat participants use IRC client software on their computers. • Chat rooms are usually organized by topics listed as different channels. • IRC participants select nicknames to use when they log on to a server.

  10. Internet Chat • Internet chat client programs require each person participating to have a copy of the program and be connected to the Internet. • ICQ ("I seek you") is the most popular Internet chat client available and is offered as freeware.

  11. Web-based chat • Offer IRC capabilities • May be easier to learn • May offer additional tools such as pictures and multimedia elements. • Actions or feelings are denoted by typing the idea with an asterisks on each side (*smile*).

  12. Web-based chat • When you type a message and hit enter your message is available to others. • Your browser needs to be refreshed each time a message is added. • Carefully consider whether to provide personal information when you register for ANYTHING on the internet. 

  13. Virtual Worlds • Adventure games played on the internet in which the objective is to find hidden treasure.  • MUD (Multi-user Dungeon)-  An adventure game that became very popular in the 1980s. • Text-based virtual worlds-  Adventure games in which you use text commands. • GUI Virtual Worlds-  Adventure games which allow each user to assume a virtual physical existence.

  14. Usenet Newsgroups • A place for storing information • Newsgroups store messages on an electronic bulletin board as articles or postings. • One can respond to a specific article with a posting of his/her own which would then be posted to the bulletin board. • A response to a response to an original posting could be made.  The continual responses to a specific message is called a Thread.

  15. Usenet Newsgroups • Newsgroups are organized into topical hierarchies in which each newsgroup has a unique name. • Top-level hierarchies are shown as the first part of a newsgroup's name and subcategories follow (biz.marketplace.computers).

  16. Usenet Newsgroups

  17. Usenet Newsgroups • Newsreaders-  Programs designed for the sole purpose of communicating with news server computers. • Email clients have began to include newsreader features and Website are now archiving newsgroup articles which can be searched using newsgroup directories: • •