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1. The \_\_\_\_\_ expressed his great disappointment with all the candidates.

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1. The \_\_\_\_\_ expressed his great disappointment with all the candidates. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exercise for Unit 3. 1. The \_\_\_\_\_ expressed his great disappointment with all the candidates. A. interview B. interviewer C. interviewee D. applicant

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Presentation Transcript
Exercise for Unit 3

1. The _____ expressed his great disappointment with all the candidates.

A. interview B. interviewer C. interviewee D. applicant

2. The company is_____to sharpen its competitive edges for a larger share of the market.Which of the following is not acceptable?

A. endeavoring B. straining C. striving D. exerting

3. I don’t wish to ______in any way, but may I ask if it is true that you have sold your old house?

A. pry B. survey C. impose D. violate

4.Before I could stop her, she____her secrets out.

A. remarked B. exploded C. uttered D. blurted

Exercise for Unit 3

5. It’s such a fine day and the lake____in the sunshine.

A. squeezes B. sprinkles C. sprays D. sparkles

6. Salespersons often try to learn about the needs of the_____buyers to make themselves more persuasive.

A. perspective B. prospective C. preventive D. restrictive

7. They exerted themselves day and night to meet the ____.

A. deadline B. deadlock C. death-blow D. decade

8. British gentlemen rank as the most ____men in the world.

A. compassionate B. intimate C. courteous D. sympathetic

Exercise for Unit 3

9. The responsible entrance guard____anyone who acts suspiciously.

A. inquires B. grills C. explores D. probes

10. I must go now. ____, if you want that book, I’ll bring it next time.

A. Accidentally B. Similarly C. Accordingly D. Incidentally

11. The businessman lives a simple life, but he makes _____donations to the people in need.

A. generous B. genuine C. lucrative D. beneficial

12. Some young people want to_____everything new, but just can’t afford the time and energy.

A. take away B. take a crack at C. get in D. come at

Exercise for Unit 3

13. An individual bird can____the call of its own species.

A. acknowledge B. check C. identify D. curb

14. Up to now, they have only discussed the issue from a western ____.Which of the following is not suitable?

A. perspective B. standpoint C. opinion D. viewpoint

15. The journalist____her interview with the victim with a donation.

A. brought up B. picked up C. followed up D. held up

16. “ Hello,” he extended his greeting with a broad____

A. laugh B. smile C. giggle D. chuckle

Exercise for Unit 3

17. The ancient village, picturesque beyond anyone’s____dreams,

has drawn millions of visitors from both at home and abroad

A. greatest B. wildest C. boldest D. biggest

18. When the old man____his last will,his strong accent made it really hard for his lawyer to take down every word.

A. dictated B. devastated C. despised D. detected

19. You must________before you deliver a speech.

A. put in a word B. make plans

C. cheer up D. do your homework

Exercise for Unit 3

20. ____,“Once bitten, twice shy.”

A. As I see it B. In my opinion

C. From my standpoint D. As the saying goes

21. Once you decide to ____what you believe is right, never give up halfway.

A. pay off B. retreat from C. go after D. press for

22. The privately-run factory endeavored to repay society by ____

laid-off workers.

A. dragging on B. pressing on C. drawing on D. taking on

Exercise for Unit 3

23. This new house is too expensive, quite out of my price_____.

A. list B. offer C. bracket D. brand

24. He is hunting for a job with a monthly salary in the neighborhood of 5000 yuan.

A. nearby B. below C. above D. approximately

25. We’ve seen a short excerpt from the film”Central Station”.

A. plot B. outline C. abstract D. clip

26. You may make embarrassing mistakes during your contact with your foreign business associates.

A. workmates B. colleagues C. partners D. companions

Exercise for Unit 3

27. Hundreds of students are fascinated by her elaborate patterns and color schemes.

A. superficial B. obscure C. intricate D. transparent

28. Edward’s wife has found him her most benign, her best company all these years.

A. considerate B. kindly C. optimistic D. caring

29. The management of the enterprise failed to communicate with the workforce, causing a decline in the productivity.

A. government B. executive C. manager D. administration

Exercise for Unit 3

30. The invention of the computer has made a difference to the way

of life, work and entertainment.

A. obstructed B. changed C. hampered D. hindered

Answer: 1-5 BDADD 6-10 BACBD 11-15 ABCCC

16-20 BBADD 21-25 CDCDD 26-30 CCBDB