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Introducing… Creating a Culture of Development

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Introducing… Creating a Culture of Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Tony Dale Crass, Jennifer Coleman Kern William Kernodle Andrew Thomas Nina Vlatkovic. Introducing… Creating a Culture of Development. Development. “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. Benjamin Franklin.

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Presentation Transcript
introducing creating a culture of development
By: Tony Dale Crass,

Jennifer Coleman Kern

William Kernodle

Andrew Thomas

Nina Vlatkovic

Introducing…Creating a Culture of Development


“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”.

Benjamin Franklin

current conditions of constant change
Current Conditions of Constant Change
  • United States Workforce
  • Globalization
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Multiple Locations
  • Generational Impact
    • Traditionals
      • 1922-1945
    • Baby Boomers
      • 1946-1964
    • Generation X
      • 1965-1980
    • Generation Y (Millennials)
      • 1981-2000
  • SHRM Dates
what is a culture of development
What is a Culture of Development?
  • Culture of Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Training, Learning, and Development
  • Collaboration
  • Team Work
  • Benefits
  • Knowledgeable and Forward Thinking
  • Retention Rates Increase
  • Organizational Citizenship


culture of learning and development
Culture of Learning and Development

Bob McDonald

CEO of P&G

(Procter & Gamble)

“We have got to have a learning culture because the world is changing more quickly today than ever before. If we don’t learn to adapt, we will be prisoners of the past, and we won’t be around”

company morale1
Company Morale
  • Develop and Train Employees
  • Allows employees to attain Highest levels of:
    • Confidence
    • High self-efficacy
    • Increase in responsibilities
    • Increase efficiency
      • Time
      • Production
      • Quality
company morale2
Company Morale
  • What’s the point?
  • When employees like and talk to each other
    • Operations are much smoother.
    • Problems get resolved faster.
    • Productivity goes way up.
  • Great employees have a natural drive to better themselves you have to give them this chance to keep them around and keep them happy.
succession planning and promotion opportunities1
Succession Planning and Promotion Opportunities
  • Succession Planning in the military is very different than regular businesses
  • Working with military takes time to understand
  • Succession is common and can vary
  • People change leadership roles constantly
  • Military succession planning prepares the individuals for their next assignment
succession planning and promotion opportunities2
Succession Planning and Promotion Opportunities
  • Promotion can and does occur every 6 months
  • Promotion opportunities can happen at any time
  • Not knowing how military promotions work
  • Knowing how to write a military evaluation can make or break your position
  • Most military evaluation reports have a combination of characteristics


  • The Firm’s expectations for growth
  • The Individual’s expectations for growth
  • Generally, the firm’s highest priority is developing the company.
  • Generally, an individual’s priority is personal development.
  • Development Efforts
    • The corporation shows it’s interest in

corporate growth by introducing new

employee training programs

    • The individual shows his or her

interest through personal initiative

M. Veilleux, Panera Bread

a firm s efforts
A Firm’s Efforts

What makes these programs successful?

  • Congruence is not related to participation in continued education.
  • However, congruence is positively related to the application of continued education.

Johnson and Beehr,

Journal of Vocational Behavior

application of developmental programs
Application of Developmental Programs
  • Success comes from the individual
    • Interest
    • Intrinsic motivation

R. Dowdell, Farrer Brothers Hardware

training and development1
Training and Development

Modern organizations will not get very far without constantly training their employees

Research supports that employees participating in more training and development are less likely to leave the company and less likely to engage in neglectful behavior

Use competency models to determine what kind of training is needed

types of delivery for training
Types of Delivery for Training

On-the-job training

Classroom training

Distance Learning