private sec tor investment programme psi n.
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Private Sec tor Investment programme PSI

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Private Sec tor Investment programme PSI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Private Sec tor Investment programme PSI. 2013 Ben Rutten Alliance Plus RWANDA. In this presentation:. What is PSI? PSI Subsidy in Rwanda Project criteria Examples of approved PSI projects Criteria for partnership Criteria for project proposal Impact on local economy

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Private Sec tor Investment programme PSI

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private sec tor investment programme psi

Private Sector InvestmentprogrammePSI


Ben Rutten

Alliance Plus


in this presentation
In this presentation:
  • What is PSI?
  • PSI Subsidy in Rwanda
  • Project criteria
  • Examples of approved PSI projects
  • Criteria for partnership
  • Criteria for project proposal
  • Impact on local economy
  • How does it work?
  • How to apply for PSI?
  • Interested? / More information
1 what is psi
1. What is PSI?
  • PSI provides fundingforinvestments in emergingmarkets
  • Open to more than 50 countriesworldwide
  • Investmentsexecutedby partnership of two private sector companies


  • Private sector development is drivingforcebehindpovertyalleviation
2 psi subsidy in rwanda
2. PSI subsidy in Rwanda
  • PSI provides subsidy of 50% of the total project budget (as a grant) - this 50% is paid in various steps
  • Maximum project budget is € 1,5 million (there is also a minimum)
  • Budget consists of Hardware and TechnicalAssistance
  • Remaining 50%is financedby the localcompanyapplyingfor PSI, togetherwith project partner
3 project characteristics
3. Project characteristics
  • All sectors of the economy are eligible
  • Pilot character: risky and small scale, pilot plant
  • Innovative character: new to the country, (nothing of this kind available)
  • Activity is commercially viable after start-up phase
  • Impact on local economy: training/knowledge transfer, employment and income, environment
  • Partnership between Dutch or foreign and local company
  • Investments in hardware and technical assistance
  • Green project, good benefits workers, animal friendly environmental friendly etc.
4 typical examples of approved psi s
4. Typical examples of approved PSI’s
  • Egg processing plant
  • Liquid and/or solid fertilizer plant
  • Grafted vegetable seedlings
  • Integrated poultry project (production & slaughterhouse)
  • Export chain for export herbs
  • Metal waste recycling
  • Capsicums for export
  • Cattle feed production, cattle and poultry slaughterhouse
  • Fish nursery
  • Feedmill
  • Leasing company for construction machinery
  • Factory for making cheap bricks from local material
  • Cheese factory
  • Yoghurt and milk processing factory
5 criteria for partnership
5. Criteria for partnership
  • Applicant is a foreign private sector company
  • Recipient is a local private company
  • Project is in line with core business of the partners and involves local investments
  • Partners are financially sound
  • Partners set up a long term cooperation (preferably a joint venture)
6 criteria for project proposal
6. Criteria for project proposal
  • Thorough market analysis: competitors, innovative aspect, commercial viability => Business plan
  • Clearly defined results with regard to production and sales figures, employment, training etc.
  • Realistic project budget (hardware and technical assistance)
  • Sound financial plan (cash flow analysis)
  • Clear operational plan
  • Impact on local economy
  • Explain environmental impact and Corporate Social Responsibility
7 impact on local economy
7. Impact on local economy
  • Direct and indirect employment created
  • Introduction of new technology or product
  • Transfer of knowledge (training)
  • Income effects and sound working conditions
  • Chain effects (SME's, outgrowers, etc.)
  • Impact on the position of women
  • Impact on the environment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility CSR !
8 how does it work
8. How does it work?
  • Two PSI tenders each year
  • Next tenders PSI: - February 2013, - August 2013
9 how to apply for psi via alliance plus
9. How to apply for PSI via Alliance Plus?
  • Alliance Plus (AP) will propose a contract on a no cure – no pay arrangement with small commitment deposit
  • Succes fee (on subsidy) for company to do PSI application ~ 10%
  • AP will be active in finding a partner company
  • AP will obtain all relevant information from the project partners to make the PSI application
  • AP will submit the PSI application and communicate with the PSI organisation
  • AP will guide the PSI project during its implementation and provide administrative support during whole implementation phase that can take up to 3 years.
10 more information alliance plus
10. More Information: Alliance Plus:

For general PSI information:

For PSI via Alliance Plus: