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Sharp County Statistics

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Sharp County Statistics. Michelle Bryson LIBM 6360 Developing Information Collections Fall 2011. Resource. US Census Bureau. ( n.d .). American Fact Finder . Retrieved September 11, 2011, from US Census Bureau Fact Finder: The Learning Community.

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sharp county statistics

Sharp County Statistics

Michelle Bryson

LIBM 6360 Developing Information Collections

Fall 2011


US Census Bureau. (n.d.). American Fact Finder. Retrieved September 11, 2011, from US Census Bureau Fact Finder:


The Learning Community

  • A data set was obtained from 2005-2009 and 8,483 are male and 9,206 are female.
  • Out of the 3,785 married couple households, at least 7.8% is below the poverty threshold.
  • Over 23% of the population is 65 years and older.
  • The median income is $29,589.
  • 48% of the population is some form of Baptist affiliation, where both United Methodist Church and Church of Christ is 10% of the population respectfully, and the Catholic Church is the minority with 8%
  • Only 10.3% of the population 25 years and older has a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.
  • There are 2,858 children enrolled in Kindergarten through twelfth grade.
  • The unemployment rate is 7.6%
  • Only 40.6% of the county’s population aged 16 and up is employed.
  • There are 73 retail stores.
  • The only public transportation is through the Area on Aging.

The Learning Community

  • There are two public schools and a community college that offers classes from Ozarka College and Lyon’s College.
  • Out of the population of ages 16 and over, 72 persons are considered Black or African American, 98 are American Indian, and 158 are considered Latino.
  • There are 40 health care and social assistance facilities.
  • There are 23 ambulatory health care facilities.
  • There are 8 doctor’s offices.
  • There are 5 nursing and residential care facilities.
  • There are 10 organizations that are either religious, grant making, civic, or professional.
  • The city of Ash Flat built a baseball/football complex for the public to use. Mighty Might Football and the summer baseball league, and Highland high school baseball and softball use these fields.
  • There are three public libraries in the Highland school district and five in the county total.
  • There is a library media center at each of the three campuses in the district with a certified LMS in each.
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Sharp County is an area that is low income. It has a high percentage of elderly, uneducated, and unemployed persons. Two communities in the area were started as retirement villages. Most of the populations are from out of state. There are several businesses and churches in the area. Several give to the school and help the children with school supplies. A Christmas tree or Angel tree is done in several locations where patrons buy anonymously for children at Christmas time. The Lyon’s Club helps with glasses. The school has a backpack program where food is sent home on Fridays with children who do not have enough to eat over the weekend for various reasons. The Garden Club gives the elementary school teachers a monetary donation every year at Christmas. There is a high rate of drug abuse in the area which causes some grandparents to raise their grandchildren.

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Possible Learning Community Involvement

The middle school does a parent night for each of the quarters in the school year in which show cases the students. The elementary and the high school could be more involved with parents such as this instead of the just two parent teacher conferences a year. The middle school has also worked with and written a grant for a school garden and have students in a Garden Club. The elementary and high school does not offer anything like that. The high school does have two plays by the Drama Club and the FFA puts on a fundraiser called “The Hee-haw Show” modeled after the nineteen eighties television show. The elementary and middle school does a Watch DOG Dad Program in which male role models spend the day shadowing their student or students around for a whole day. This has been very successful in the elementary and middle school level. The local Baptist church always supplies a lunch during district professional development days in which they also have supplies to give the teachers. The middle school and high school teachers usually do not participate. The local businesses also take turns that week as teacher appreciation. However, the high school is usually left out on this. It seems that the three campuses are operating as three separate pieces of a whole that needs to come together as a unified whole.

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