Forms of energy
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Forms of Energy. Big Idea 10 and 11. Forms of energy. ____ ____ ____ _______ ____ ______ TV turns on bicycle moves food digests toaster pops top spins nail rusts

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Forms of energy

Forms of Energy

Big Idea 10 and 11

Forms of energy1
Forms of energy

  • ____ ________ ___________ ______

  • TV turns on bicycle moves food digests

  • toaster pops top spins nail rusts

  • computer powers up bowling pin falls battery turns on flashlight

  • iPod plays faucet turns on log rots

  • cell phone recharges pinwheel turns wood burns

What is energy
What is Energy?

  • Energy is the ability to cause change.

    • Change in matter

    • Change in temperature


  • Energy can never be created nor destroyed….energy can be transformed from one form to another.

Potential kinetic
Potential & Kinetic

  • Energy an object has because of their position or condition is POTENTIAL ENERGY (PE).

  • Energy an object has because of its motion is KINETIC ENERGY (KE).


  • The total energy of motion and position on an object is mechanical energy.

  • PE + KE = ME


  • Form of energy carried through waves in vibrating matter

  • It is a type of kinetic energy because particles are moving.

Thermal heat

  • Particles are moving, therefore a type of kinetic energy


  • Light is a form of energy that can travel through space and some types of matter like air or glass.


  • Energy that is caused by the movement of electric charges


  • Energy that is stored in matter and released by a chemical reaction.

    • Example: food, gas


  • ________ energy is the total kinetic energy of the particles in matter.

  • ________ energy is energy that can be released by a chemical reaction.

  • _______ energy is the form of energy that you can see.

  • ______ energy travels as waves through vibrating matter.

  • ____________ energy is the combination of the potential and kinetic energy an object contains.

  • __________ energy is energy caused by movement of electrical charge.

Choose the correct word
Choose the correct word

  • Energy is the ability to cause motion or create (matter/ change).

  • There are two main categories of energy- potential and (thermal/ kinetic).

  • Energy cant’s be created or (destroyed/ captured).

  • Energy can change from one form to another, which is called (transformation/ conservation).

What changes can energy cause
What changes can energy cause?

  • Change in temperature

  • Change in matter

What is electricity
What is Electricity?

  • Electric charge is a property of a particle that affects how it behaves around other particles.

  • When an atom has an equal number of protons and electrons, the positive and negative charges cancel each other and the atom has no charge.

  • If an atom gains an electron it will have a charge of -1.

  • If an atom loses an electron it will have a charge of +1.


  • Particles with the same charge repel (push away).

  • Particles with opposite charges attract (pull together).

  • Example: static electricity is a build up of charges. Dryer. Car, zapping a person, lightning


  • Electric current

  • Metals are good conductors because they contain electrons that move through easily.

Electricity genarator
Electricity_ genarator

How do we use electricity
How do we use electricity?

  • Candle vs. Lamp

  • Hand saw vs. circular saw

  • Gramophone vs. ipod

  • Hand fan to electric fan

  • Megaphone to electric speaker


  • Current produces magnetism

Generator vs electric motor
Generator vs. Electric motor

  • It is the opposite of an electric motor.

  • Electric motor.. Electric current passes through the coil producing a magnetic field that causes the shaft to rotate, then a blade or other things attached move. electric -> movement

  • In a generator movement of some outside source (wind or water) cause the magnet to move inside the coil of wire which generates an electric current. Movement ->electricity