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~Organization~. Webster’s Dictionary “To form parts into a functioning whole ” It’s a Big Business………. Locker. How does your locker look? If it’s a mess it sets the tone for the year, it’s very frustrating when you can’t find what you’re looking for!

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Webster’s Dictionary

“To form parts into a functioning whole”

It’s a Big Business………

  • How does your locker look?
    • If it’s a mess it sets the tone for the year, it’s very frustrating when you can’t find what you’re looking for!
    • What can help you to maintain a clean, organized locker?
      • Organize weekly or whenever needed
      • Decorations???
  • Part of being organized is knowing your goals
    • Be realistic, break large goals into mini-goals
    • Write them down and look at them daily – this should be a highly visible place for you!
    • Writing down your goals make them concrete and motivates you to keep working towards them
student planner agenda
Student Planner/Agenda
  • Use a planner that works for you, but ones that have pocket folders, dividers & calendars are ideal
  • What has worked for you in the past?
using one calendar is best
Using One Calendar is Best….
  • Use one calendar to plan all your activities for school & personal activities
  • Using more than one risks scheduling conflicts and missed appointments
  • “A man who wears two watches, never knows the correct time”
color code
  • Try color-coding similar class notebooks with folders and post-its
  • This also works well with your calendar; highlight test dates with yellow, assignments with orange, social activities with pink
  • Staples carries post - its with statement already printed on them
    • Study
    • On Test, etc.
write it down
Write it Down
  • When you learn about an upcoming test, event or anything you must attend or do, write it down immediately in your planner
  • Don’t wait until later ~ you might forget about it…..
effective study area
Effective Study Area
  • Determine where your study area is. It should be:
    • Quiet, well-lit and away from distractions: No TV, etc.
    • Hang a “Do not Disturb “ Sign!
    • Study at a desk or table; Don’t be comfortable it may make you tired
    • If studying at home doesn’t work, try the library/ find a place that works for you
break up your study time
Break Up Your Study Time
  • Determine how many study hours you need & schedule your study time in your planner
  • If you need six hours to study for a test, break that up into six separate sessions, one hour each
  • Choose the days and mark it in your planner
schedule consistent study times
Schedule Consistent Study Times
  • Set aside time every day for studying & make it consistent
  • For example, set a certain time of the day and be consistent ~ 4pm to 6pm every day
  • The objective is to avoid last minute studying and cramming
break it up
Break It Up
  • Break up big tasks into smaller ones
  • Break up chapters & study sections at a time or a chapter every day
  • If you have to work on a project, break it down into three or four stages.
don t rush
  • Wake up early & give yourself plenty of time to arrive at school with time to spare
  • If you need 30 minutes to shower & get dressed give yourself 45 minutes
  • Place your alarm clock at the opposite side of your bed so you have to physically get up out of bed so you don’t turn off your alarm clock!
  • Prepare your outfit the night before – Ironing is a wonderful thing!!! So is wrinkle release!!
avoid clutter
Avoid Clutter
  • At the beginning of the school year you don’t have any clutter
  • Be careful not to build clutter as the year progresses
  • Create separate folders for school announcements, papers that have to be signed, graded tests, etc.
  • As papers become outdated, throw them out immediately.
avoid overload
Avoid Overload
  • There are many activities that are available at school
  • Don’t take on too many activities!
  • Determine how much study time (etc.) you will need
  • Choose one or two activities/sports you like
  • Make “To Do Lists” Give yourself time to prepare this list everyday for the next day. You will know exactly what tasks you have to accomplish the next day
get your beauty sleep
Get Your Beauty Sleep
  • Get a good night’s rest!!
    • This will ensure you’re alert and ready to learn the following day
try to eat healthy
Try to Eat Healthy
  • 3 meals a day, or smaller ones throughout the day
  • Don’t overload on Sweets; it makes many people feel tired
do your most difficult homework first
Do your most difficult homework first
  • Do the most difficult and time consuming assignments first, everything else will be easier & therefore more enjoyable
    • If you don’t understand a lesson, immediately ask for help, don’t go to the point of no return!!
    • Ask a friend, sibling, parent, or teacher
    • National Honor Society can help too!
what if i get off track
What if I get Off-Track?
  • Take a few deep breaths & get yourself together!
  • Put things in perspective….
  • Do/tackle the hardest things first, you’ll better and more confident
    • You most likely won’t get far behind again!
rewards yay
Rewards ~ YaY!
  • Reward yourself when you have successfully completed your goal!
  • The rewards will be different for all of you
  • Rewarding yourself with help keep you motivated throughout the year