Strategic Quality Planning
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Strategic Quality Planning Quality Planning Tool fo r Management Team - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strategic Quality Planning Quality Planning Tool fo r Management Team. Course Description

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Strategic Quality Planning

Quality Planning Tool for Management Team

Course Description

Total Quality Management ( TQM) is being pursued by organizations in almost all industrialized countries- it is seen as the major competitive requirement for the 1990’s. Having a competitive edge is no longer a luxury but a necessity for survival in the ever competitive global market. Many organizations are re-engineering and streamlining their businesses to be more customer-focused, efficient, vision and objective driven to ensure survival in the next millennium.

This one day management briefing describes the overall process of Strategic Quality Planning which includes: establishing the company’s VISION, determining the company’s PRIORITIES, defining KEY SUCCESS FACTORS, setting EXCELLENCE GOALS for achieving the priorities, and measuring the EXCELLENCE GAPS between current situation and these aggressive goals. Strategic Quality Planning discusses the mechanism to translate the company’s long term vision into strategic projects and daily actions focused on achieving Customer Satisfaction Through Total Quality.

Policy Deployment which originated in Japan, has been successfully implemented by the Japanese to manage their business and attain global competitive edge. The Annual Policy Deployment process is a mechanism to negotiate and align the Annual Plans to achieve the goal (established during the Strategic Planning process) and implement the actions necessary to close the identified excellence gaps. Policy Deployment process employs the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle, regular management reviews, and executing corrective and preventive actions to ensure that the annual goals are met. (the execution of these tactics on a daily basis by the organization will lead to the achievement of the company’s long term vision). This iterative process is essential for the company to fine tune their projects implementation to achieve their goals in support of the long term vision.

Strategic Quality Planning

Quality Planning Tool for Management Team

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this training the participants will have the knowledge to be able to:

  • Explain the Strategic Quality Planning process and its relationship to TQM;

  • Explain the process of translating your company’s long-term Vision into Strategic Projects and how and what daily actions required for achieving CUSTOMER SATISFACTION THROUGH TOTAL QUALITY.

  • Identify tools and techniques normally utilized in the strategic quality planning process.

  • Assess the relevance of the organization’s vision, mission, priorities and objective to the current and future business , market, and global economic environments.

  • At the conclusion of this training participants will have necessary skills to be able:

    • Formulate and document the organization’s strategic quality planning process;

    • Assess and rectify any weaknesses of the current organization’s straategic quality planning process and implementation;

    • Participate in annual organization’s, department’s or division’s strategic quality planning process.

    • Identify organizations priorities, developed business objectives, performance measures and

    • Strategic projects ties to the specific business objectives;

    • Involve in the daily action focus for achieving CUSTOMER SATISFACTION THROUGH TOTAL QUALITY.

    • Cascade company’s vision& mission, objectives, performance measures to his/her own organization level.

      Target Audience

    • This briefing is intended mainly for those actively involved in a company’s Strategic Quality Planning process and TQM Manager. Ultimately, to be successful in the implementation of the Strategic Quality Planning Process, managers at all levels must be involved in the process and understand the overall concept of Strategic Quality Planning so that they are not only involved in the setting up, but also have a sense of ownership of the company’s long-term vision, objectives, strategic projects and committed to execute their appropriate roles in achieving the company’s objectives.

  • Training Duration

    • 1 day ( 8 hours)

  • Strategic Quality Planning

    Quality Planning Tool for Management Team

    • Course Outline