the six frequently asked questions regarding std testing n.
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The Six Frequently Asked Questions Regarding STD Testing

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The Six Frequently Asked Questions Regarding STD Testing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you have questions about STD testing, then checkout the six frequently asked questions that ring in peoples\' heads. Also, read about the planned parenthood std testing cost at myLAB Box if you want to be tested. Visit us online at<br>

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Almost every sexually active person, at one point or another, wonders if he/she should go for an STD testing. It is preeminent for everyone to have as much information as possible regarding reproductive health for better protection. Learning more about STD testing helps people to lead responsible lives. A lot of questions ring in people's’ heads when it comes to the issue of testing for STDs.
should i get the test or not
Should I get the test or not?

Anyone must seek an STD test if under the following conditions:

  • Experiencing STD signs and symptoms like itching of genitals, abnormal discharges from the vagina or penis, burning sensations of the genitals, etc.
  • Having a new sex partner whom you do not know their sexual health status.
  • Practicing unsafe sex.
  • Suspecting that your sexual partner has an STD.
Getting an STD test is simple and it is a good way of protecting and taking control of your health and your sexual partners. Some infections do not show any signs and there are so many people living with STDs and spreading them without any knowledge of the subject matter. Thus taking an STD test should not be compromised so that the mind can be put at ease.
where do people get tested for stds
Where do people get tested for STDs?

There are so many places that one can get tested an STD;

  • Planned Parenthood health centers.
  • Local clinics.
  • Private hospitals.
  • Free government health departments.

There should be no excuse for not testing for STDs with the existence of all these health institutions. The most competent specialists are found in the Planned Parenthood centers and they provide the highest level of expertise on sexual health, the best treatment, testing, and counseling.

how much is planned parenthood std testing cost
How much is Planned Parenthood STD testing cost?

The planned parenthood std testing cost differ in regards to the type of infection, treatment services, and the effectiveness of the testing kits used. At Planned Parenthood health centers, most forms of health insurance are acceptable. If someone does not have a health insurance, they may be offered an incentive to the cost for example discounted payments or free services if they qualify for them.

what are the available std tests
What are the available STD tests?

Each STD has its unique way of testing. There doesn’t exist a universal test for all STDs. All infections are scanned separately. In order to know the kind of test that a physician carries out, the following factors concerning a patient are considered:

  • The existence of specific symptoms at present.
  • If there were symptoms in the past.
  • Whether the patient has a history of any STD.
  • If a patient has used any self- administered treatment.
  • If the patient is allergic to any drug.
  • The last menstrual period of a woman.
As the physician asks these questions, the patient should be totally honest. The commonly tested STDs are; HIV, HPV, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Hepatitis among others.
how are std tests done
How Are STD Tests Done?

The type of infection determines how a test is carried out. There are those infections that have several ways of testing. STDs are tested through; the sampling of reproductive fluids, urine tests, blood sampling, and physical examinations.

do the under aged require parental approval for std testing
Do the under aged require parental approval for STD testing?

The answer is no. Planned Parenthood protects the confidentiality of a patient. However, some extreme cases of say rape will call for a parent’s intervention.

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