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  1. REALLY !! A HEARING HORN – MyHearGear I recently received a bag of hearing accessories from a friend whose mother passed away.  She knew I owned MyHearGear so I probably would have some use for some older hearing accessories that her mother used.

  2. I opened the bag…A Sharper Image Vibrating Alarm Clock made by Sonic Alert.  Gee, I never knew Sharper Image had carried various hearing accessories at one time.  Then I pulled out a Shake Awake Travel Vibrating Alarm from the 1990’s.  Not available anymore  but  we carry many products similar to this.  A pocket size alarm clock with a very loud audio alarm AND you can put the whole alarm under your pillow to wake you with vibrations.  You get both Sound AND Vibration.  Pretty much a necessity for very sound sleepers  and those with a hearing loss. The last thing I pulled out  of the bag I had seen before.  I was puzzled.   It was a bright orange funnel for adding oil or gas additives to a car!   How the heck did THIS get into the bag.  And then I realized…  My friend’s mother was quite elderly…and had a hearing loss for a very long time.  Back in those days when there weren’t all the technological wonders  that  help people hear, people would use a HEARING HORN… You would push the narrow end against your ear  and point the wider end toward the sound you were wanting to hear.  I’m guessing it might have been a little embarrassing pointing  long horn at people. 

  3. But back then you did what you had to do to hear.  So, back to that 99 cent orange oil spout.  Sure looks like an economical aternate to a very expensive collector’s item ear horn that sells for 99 dollars or much more.  And I’m guessing the orange oil spout worked every bit as good as the 99 dollar model!

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