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How to spot a Fake iPhone Screen PowerPoint Presentation
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How to spot a Fake iPhone Screen

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How to spot a Fake iPhone Screen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are many repair stores which promise you a original screen but sell you a fake screen replacement! So in case you damage your iPhone screen here are the tips so as to be sure that the screen replacement is not a fake.\nVisit for genuine screen replacement services for the following handsets: \niPhone 6 visit:\niPhone 7 visit:

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  • What is a fake iPhone Screen
  • What is the difference
  • Why you should not opt for a fake
  • How to spot a fake
  • Why us for iPhone Screen Replacement
  • Other Iphone Repair services offered
what is a fake iphone screen
What is a fake iPhone Screen

Copy screen are unofficial replacements designed and manufactured by third party companies not associated with apple.

For iPhone Screen Repair :

what is the main difference
What is the main difference?

The original screen is made of gorilla glass which is not used on the fake screen. The advantage of this is that it has higher water resistant properties (an almost oily covering on the surface) and also ensures the screen is anti-dust and anti-fingerprint.

For iPhone Screen Repair :

tip to spot a fake
Tip to spot a Fake

On the back of the screen the original has discoloured circles (from the manufacturing process that uses hot porcelain to cut) next to the cables. This is protected under a plastic ring. On the fake, there are no discoloured circles as the plastic is simply cut.

the cable attachment is also a give away
The Cable Attachment is also a give away

On the cable attachment – the original has its descriptions in clear bold writing, you will see ‘Apple’ is labelled. On the copy, the writing is small and fuzzy and does not provide a clear description of the cable.

For iPhone Screen Repair :

spot the discoloration
Spot the Discoloration

When comparing the colour of a White original screen to a fake white screen, the original is brighter where the fake has a slight discoloration to it.

For iPhone Screen Repair :

why you should not opt for a fake
Why you should not opt for a fake
  • LCD display panel can have poorer resolution, worse brightness, contrast and vibrancy and reduced refresh rate amongst other problems.
  • Digitizer performance is often substandard and probably the largest source of issues with copy screen.
  • Change in specification from original can result in battery and performance issues.
  • Fingerprint reader- a part of the screen assembly does not always work correctly.
  • Copy screen generally break more easily and are less resilient to everyday use.
why mygadgetworks
Why MyGadgetWorks?
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