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how to spot fake and real sterling silver jewelry n.
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How to spot fake and real sterling silver jewelry PowerPoint Presentation
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How to spot fake and real sterling silver jewelry

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How to spot fake and real sterling silver jewelry
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How to spot fake and real sterling silver jewelry

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  1. How to Spot Fake and Real Sterling Silver Jewelry

  2. Introduction • Silver is an attractive and stylish metal that would make a great accompaniment to any jewelry set. While real silver does not really cost much, compared to the likes of gold, there leftovers a wide market for the deal of sterling silver, particularly among the younger customers. Sadly, to the untrained eye, comparing fake versus sterling silver can be pretty a task -- and sellers often take benefit of this lack of information and sell fake versions at the price of the genuine ones. Your goal, therefore, is to find out how not to get duped.

  3. Fake Vs Sterling Silver • How can you tell fake from sterling silver? Here are a few tips: 1. Genuine silver is stamped with a trademark. Like gold, genuine silver comes with a little stamp or etching which contains in turn about its silversmith and the date it was ready Whether it is device stamped or hand stamped is good-looking easy to distinguish by just looking at it. A stamp that has 'EPNS' on it is an symbol that it is sterling silver, as it just means 'electro plated nickel silver'.

  4. 2. Silver jewelry should be at least 92.5% untainted silver. Silver used alone is too soft to meaning properly as jewelry. Thus, all silver jewelry should be at least 92.5% pure silver, with the rest made up of suitable alloys to help it hardens. This is normally indicated by a "925" drawing on the jewelry itself. Of course, the slight this number, the earlier it is to being less and less real silver. These drawing can be tricky to spot-look on the back of pendants, on clasps, and on the surrounded by of rings for real silver markings.

  5. 3. Watch out for silver plate: Silver colored jewelry may simply be silver plated. Silver plated jewelry, which is not totally real silver, would usually have an "A1" stamped on it, along with its makers engraving. When the silver tarnishes or chips off, it reveals the real metal used beneath, which can cause skin harms, like rashes and metal allergies, for some people. be careful of selling items that are simply silver plated, especially if your skin is oversensitive. 4. Run it through a nitric acid experiment. A great way to test whether the silver jewelry you have is the genuine deal is by difficult it nitric acid. You can choose to have this done by the local jewelry store or you may do it yourself.

  6. To do this, select a part of the jewelry that is least obvious as the site to run your experiment. Wipe this portion carefully to cause a break in the plating of the exterior. Place a few drops of nitric acid onto the site and wait a few minutes. If the liquid becomes overcast grey, then it is sterling silver; but if it becomes green, then what you have in your hands is just silver plated. Always keep in intellect that there is no such thing as silver jewelry that is 100% pure silver. As mentioned previously, silver has to be mix with other alloys to make it strapping sufficient to serve its cause.

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