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ed with the trend of the times street design bold PowerPoint Presentation
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ed with the trend of the times street design bold

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ed with the trend of the times street design bold - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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For STREET FASHION enthusiasts for,

Ed is the name of The Times, originated

in the U.S. the Los Angeles brought the

luxury brand, STREET since its birth,

to give to the FASHION of the surprise

people too many things to see.


Ed to design bold times street fashion

trend is famous for the bag: jeans after

Decorated with full color embroidery or

crystal, the tiger or the design of rose in

the sexy swimsuit seal,even children's

clothes rack robes are butterfly,

fierce dog tattoo designs.


As a tattoo artist,

artists and the print Don Ed has 40 times

DuoNian tattoos experience, because the

superb tattoo art and highly experimental

dream design, in the industry was honored

as "the godfather", his tattoo tattoo works is

by New York and San Francisco museum

around the world as art collection work.

Cheap Christian Audigier Clothing

bought in 2004 tattoo godfather Don

Ed times works copyright, will rich

Oriental colour into the design of

the tattoo of a Street trend brand, will

Don Ed times the legend of the introduction

of Fashion, tattoo art into punk elements

and Street culture to restore ancient ways,

redefined the "Street Fashion" Street Fashion),

the (times for extremely Ed shaping the spirit of

the brand.


"I like the design of the tiger! " In a word,

says the days after deep love Ed level artist lau the cause of The Times.