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What is Consumer Court PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Consumer Court

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What is Consumer Court
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What is Consumer Court

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  1. Online Consumer Court Submit Your Complaints www.myconsumercourt.com

  2. What is Consumer Court? • Consumer Court is a legal system mainly formed to deal with cases related to consumer problems and issues. The court takes action to settle consumer disputes and grievances. This judiciary is also set up by the Government to protect and help consumer understand their real rights. A customer can approach the court in case of any unfair or unethical practice from a seller or manufacturer. • The main goal of this legal system is to ensure fair practices by manufacturers and dealers towards the consumers. It does not matter what the issue is, the consumer has all the right to file a case against the manufacturer or seller if they have experienced any type of harassment or illegal actions.

  3. However, it is very important to have necessary documents like bills or any other proofs with the customers to obtain a verdict from the court. Lack of necessary documents that proves you have done a business with the specific organization or manufacture may make you ineligible for the case. Therefore, before approaching the court and moving the case forward, it is very important to have the necessary documents.

  4. Different Types of Consumer Courts in India: • There are basically three types of Consumer Courts operating in India. These are National Consumer Court, State Consumer Court and District Consumer Court. The functions and eligibility of these courts vary from one another. For instance, National level court is formed to deal with cases that involve any amount more than one crore. On the other hand, State level court deals with amount more than twenty lakhs but less than one crore. If the amount involved in the case is less than twenty lakhs, the consumer should consult the District level Consumer Court.

  5. Protecting Consumer against Unethical and Unfair Practices: • Consumer Court is a social force originated to protect as well as promote the consumer rights. On the other hand, they also ensure that the consumers will be protected from any type of unfair or unethical practises. A consumer can approach the court in case of issues like hoarding, black marketing, rampant food shortages, adulteration of food stuffs, price above MRP etc. Apart from these, customer can also file a complaint in case of any rash or rude behaviour from a seller or dealer.

  6. Objectives: • The main objective of the Consumer Court is to offer extra privileges to the customers and maintain a fair practice. This legal system ensures that a seller or manufacturer is providing their products and services through fair practices. Filing a complaint in Consumer Court is quite simple and hassle free when compared to other options. On the other hand, you do not have to worry about hiring a lawyer to move the case forward. Approaching this legal system is simple and hassle free.