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Free Compelling Offer eBook You Can't Refuse

5 Steps to create a free compelling offer ebook you can't refuse. Here is the link to get immediate access to my ebook --> Copy this link and paste it into your browser: http://www.deekbriggs.com/timelinepagevideos/freegift/

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Free Compelling Offer eBook You Can't Refuse

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  1. For more than 3 years, Dee Briggs has been building a business online. She admits the task has been daunting….especially for beginners. From what she has learned she now shares in this ebookher golden nugget… FIVE STEPS FOR CREATING A COMPELLING FREE OFFER!

  2. FIRST KEY Build your list of people who know who you are, who are interested in you and what you do, some of whom will buy from you now and into the future SECOND KEY Begin building your relationships with your people, and that is the very key foundation of your business and your marketing. Copy and Paste Link below http://deekbriggs.com/timelinepagevideos/freegift/ It took me quite some time to create that first free offer, and then to create my first video course series. But I did it, and now I’m doing it again. And so can you!!


  4. STEPS 5 • Choose Your Topic • Create Your Action Plan • Identify Your Target Market • Determine Your Price • Tackle The Tech

  5. 1) Choose Your Topic WARNING: This brainstorming must be done. If you choose to by pass this it will be at your own peril!! In the eBook I show you how to create a brainstorm list of potential topics.

  6. 2) Create Your Action Plan THE PROCESS I will show you a simplified way of how to start and finish your action plan.

  7. 3) Identify Your Market

  8. 4) Determine Your Price

  9. 5) Tackle The Tech I give you all the tools you will need with clickable links on my resource page!

  10. PRACTICE DESIGN But wait a minute…. I forgot one big thing…a stunning eCover NOT DECORATION

  11. A stunning cover is what conveys how awesome your ebook is to your audience!

  12. For Creating eCoverHere is what you get: • 3 Options • 3 Tips • 7 Resources

  13. The resource page is usually the very last page readers will see. I also call this page the “What to do Next Page ?” or “A Call to Action!“ Here is my call to action…. Copy and paste into your browser the link below for immediate access to ebook: http://deekbriggs.com/timelinepagevideos/freegift/ Dee Briggs ….don’t forget your call to action!

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