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Educational game on tree protection. “LUCIAN GRIGORESCU" SCHOOL MEDGIDIA – CONSTANTA ROMANIA. November 2013. Teaching Games. Tree in Blossom. Teachers : MARIANA LEŢA & ADRIANA CONSTANTINESCU Topic : Educational game on tree protection GRADE : 3 RD STEP BY STEP R ULES :

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Educational game on tree protection

Educational game on

tree protection




November 2013

Educational game on tree protection

Teaching Games

Tree in Blossom


  • Topic: Educational game on tree protection


  • RULES:

  • The game can be organized in teams with equal members

  • Each team shall have a basket with drawings of tree blossoms and a marker

  • Each student shall draw a flower - requirement.

  • Each student shall read and solve the requirement in 30 seconds. If correct, the student may get back to their team to color the flower with the marker. If incorrect, they shall return the flower as is to the teacher.

  • When the game is over, each student shall put the flower in the support tree in the team color.

  • The team with most flowers in the tree wins the game

  • Materials:

  • A basket, carton flowers, markers in various colors, the support tree, glue or pins for flowers in the tree, diplomas for the participants.

  • Suggestions for higher game complexity:

  • One can choose a team leader to solve the requirement unsolved by any other team members. In this case, the flower is given to the leader.

Educational game on tree protection


For game play

  • With protection fences for roots and trunks they enjoy their own growth space, especially in crowded areas.

  • Fences allow the water to get to the root.

  • Trunk and branches dressing with some materials (sack cloth, paper) protects trees against winter wind and cold.

  • Lime painting protects against strong sun (day heat and sudden cold in the night may produce cracks in the bark).

  • PET pack arranged around the trunk protect the tree against rodents.

  • Tree treatment in the autumn protects trees during winter.

  • Fallen leaves are gathered and burned to prevent tree illness in the following years.

  • Tree trunks are protected with wire mesh against rabbits.

  • 2.5 m fences are raised against deer which chew branches.

  • Miniature stoves heat the orchard against spring cold.

  • In the winter snow is gathered round the trees thus keeping a low temperature during snow meltdown for late buds in the spring.

  • In case of little rain, trees are wetted for winter water reserves.

Educational game on tree protection

1. Trees enjoy their own growth space, especially in crowded areaswhen provided:

a. Root grills b. fence c. flower layer

2. Tree trunks are protected in cities with:

a. plastic bags b. grills c. fences

3. Root grills allow the tree:

a. Stay right b. grow fast c. have water to the root

4. Trees are protected against winter wind and cold if trunk and branches are dressed in:

a. Sack cloth, paper b. o rubber c. coat

5. When days are hot and nights are cold:

a. Trees bloom fast b. trees get dry c. tree bark cracks

6. When days are hot and nights are cold, tree are protected via:

a. Branches are cut b. trees need much water to the root c. tree trunks are painted with lime

7. They are tree “enemies”:

a. rodents b. snails c. larks

8. Trees are protected from rodents by a cover of:

a. twigs b. cut PET packs c. leaves

Educational game on tree protection

9. Fruit trees are protected from cold if in the autumn they areas:

a. Are cut in the top b. are sprinkled c. are bandaged

10. The fence against deer shall be at least:

a. 2.5 m b. 1 m c. 1.5

11. In order to avoid tree illness in the following years, leaves are gathered and:

a. burned b. buried c. kept in the garden

12. Tree trunks are protected against rabbits with:

a. Thick rope b. fir tree branches c. wire mesh

13. During spring cold, the orchard air is warmed with:

a. Gas lamps b. special stoves c. flame throwers

14. Trees are protected in the winter with snow around them so that they:

a. Grow later b. have buds laterc. blossom later

15. In case of scarce rain, trees should be well wetted so that they:

a. Have water reserve for winter b. get dry c. grow buds

Educational game on tree protection

Cutting out “knowledge flowers” areas

Tree waiting to blossom…

about tree protection.

Educational game on tree protection

Game Questions areas

And Answers

To the first


A first answer under teacher’s guidance and the first colors on a flower

Educational game on tree protection

Other questions, other correct answers areas

and many colored flowers

Educational game on tree protection

The winning team areas

Blossom tree, as nice as

the students’ answers.

Educational game on tree protection

Awarded to ………………………. areasClass ………….

School ...................................

For knowledge and skills proven in the

educational contest on tree protection.