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Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears PowerPoint Presentation
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Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears

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Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears

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  1. Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears

  2. Just who was Andrew Jackson? He was the 7th president of the United States. He was mostly known for signing the Indian Removal Act in 1830. The events that followed that piece of legislation would be known as the Trail of Tears. He was born in South Carolina in 1767

  3. Jackson’s influence on making Tennessee a state He helped create the state from lands from North Carolina Jackson was also a major figure in writing their Constitution In 1796 Tennessee was added as a state

  4. Jackson as a War Hero

  5. February 1813 - He and 1,500 troops were sent to New Orleans for a British invasion. • The invasion never transpired, so he was ordered back to Nashville (no one received pay). Early 1800s - He was appointed major general of the Tennessee militia

  6. How Jackson earned the name “Old Hickory” • He was renowned for his toughness and never say die attitude • The men that served under him gave him this name • They did this after they saw him walk alongside of them for 500 miles due to the fact that they were short on supplies

  7. Jackson also had a soft side After a battle with the Creeks, Jackson found a baby lying in the battlefield. Once seeing this he wrote to his wife Rachael and asked her to take care of the child as if it were there own

  8. His biggest victory • Arguably Andrew Jackson’s biggest victory came against the British when he defeated them at the battle of New Orleans

  9. As President • Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act • He kept his nickname as well as gained a few more • Was in stance for abolishing the Electoral college • He was also in favor of not having a national bank

  10. Andrew Jackson Etc. • Jackson was the first to invite the public to attend his inauguration ball • He was part of the Democratic-Republican party • He had ten children all of whom were adopted