The 2 nd avenue subway
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The 2 nd Avenue Subway. By: Douglas Hand. Welcome to my backyard. This is what I wake up to every morning!. What you are looking at is called a muck house. I wonder what’s under the tarp?. I t ’ s a mechanical MONSTER!!. So that ’s who I call if I want to sue them.

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The 2 nd avenue subway

The 2nd Avenue Subway

By: Douglas Hand

I t s a mechanical monster
It’s a mechanical MONSTER!!

So that s who i call if i want to sue them
So that’s who I call if I want to sue them

The 2 nd avenue subway

The the way! Second Avenue Subway won’t be done until 2016. So I have 3 more years of noise that can make me go CRAZY! But I’ve made some new friends. I know a sandhog, which is a type of a worker and his name is Bob. I know him because he used to work near my window! Mayor Bloomberg says that he thinks that he won’t be alive too see the subway complete because he is 71 and the Subway has had so many delays. Some people think that I should take a tour of the subway that they’re doing now. But as you can see I’m already up close and personal.

The 2ndAvenue Subway is already qualified as a dangerous site for two reasons. One because a construction worker had to be rescued because he was stuck in a quicksand like substance. Two because a dynamite blast went completely wrong and the debrie went up to ten stories high luckily no one got hurt or worse. According to the MTA website they have set off 447 dynamite blasts and the blasting will continue though out the summer. All in all the subway is a dangerous and life threatening and it will take a long time to build.