Department of industrial engineering logistics management
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Department of Industrial Engineering & Logistics Management. Prof. Fugee Tsung IELM 1010/1020 (Fall 2013) 4 September 2013. IEEM/IELM. Train Students: Problem Solving Skills Communication Skills IT & Quantitative Skills. Teaching and Learning Innovation. Course Structure.

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Department of industrial engineering logistics management

Department of Industrial Engineering & Logistics Management

Prof. FugeeTsung

IELM 1010/1020 (Fall 2013)

4 September 2013

Ieem ielm

Train Students:

Problem Solving Skills

Communication Skills

IT & Quantitative Skills

Course structure
Course Structure

1) Presentations by Speakers

2) Advisory Meeting

3) Student Faculty Meeting

4) Individual Report

Course assistants
Course Assistants

  • Course Coordinator

    Ms. Maggie Tung

    Office: Rm 5557


    Phone: 2358 8234

  • Teaching Assistant

    Ms. Shirley Liu

    Office: Rm2591


    Phone: 2358 8966


You will PASS the course if you

  • Attend all presentations

  • Attend the group advisory meeting

  • Attend the Student Faculty Meeting

  • Attend all the meetings ON TIME

    2 Late = 1 Absence


Very Easy!


  • Each student will be assigned a seat according to the seating plan on the course website.

  • All students arerequired to take their own assigned seat.

  • Use video/photos/checkmark to take attendance at least once during each seminar

A good learning experience
A Good Learning Experience

A good learning experience is based on:

  • Mutual respect

  • Putting forward our best efforts

  • Academic integrity and honesty


I will respect you by:

  • Arriving on time

  • Encouraging your questions and comments

  • Taking your answers and opinions seriously

  • Turning off my mobile phone

  • Finishing class on time




You can show your respect for me by:

  • Arriving on time

  • Arriving quietly, if you must be late

  • Listening when I am talking

  • Turning off your mobile phone

  • Leaving only when the class is finished

Department of industrial engineering logistics management


You can show respect for your classmates by:

  • Keeping quiet when classmates are trying to listen

  • Taking classmate’s questions and answers seriously

  • Making the class a comfortable experience for everyone

Best efforts
Best Efforts

I will put forward my best efforts by:

  • Organizing the course carefully to meet the objectives

  • Being prepared to give good classes

  • Making my classes interesting and useful

  • Setting exams and assignments that are fair and helpful

Best efforts1
Best Efforts

Best Efforts

You can put forward your best efforts by:

  • Being prepared for class

  • Doing the reading

  • Participating in class discussions

  • Asking questions when the material is not clear to you

  • Working hard on assignments and meeting deadlines

Academic integrity
Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

I will help you maintain academic integrity by:

  • Providing clear guidelines on how to complete assignments

  • Explaining how you should handle sources and references

  • Setting clear rules for cooperation with classmates

Academic integrity1
Academic Integrity

You can demonstrate your academic integrity by:

  • Starting work on assignments early enough to meet the deadline

  • Giving proper credit and references when you use other peoples’ work

Academic integrity2
Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

And by:

  • NOT copying other student’s work

  • NOT letting other students copy your work

  • NOT handing in work prepared for another course

  • NOT handing in others’ work as if it is your own

  • NOT making up facts or references

  • NOT using cheat sheets in tests and exams

Zero tolerance
Zero Tolerance

In my course there is

ZERO TOLERANCE for cheating

Individual report
Individual Report

  • Topic: Discuss what you have learnt from the Course IELM 1010/1020 in the Fall Term 2013

  • Due Date: Wednesday, 4 December 2013 at 11 a.m.

  • Writing Tips: Focus on one of the guest speakers at any of the seminars of the course IELM 1010/1020 (2013 Fall Term). Summarize what you have learnt from this person, what their contribution has been and why you think this is important. The seminar should be included in the class schedule of the course websites, more writing tips can be also found at the 2013 Fall Term.

Please Plan Ahead

Individual report requirements
Individual Report Requirements

  • Please submit your individual report to the IELM 1010/1020 Individual Report Collection Box outside the IELM general office Rm 5551, Lift 27/28.It is the 3rdone of the Locker 14.

Group report requirements
Group Report Requirements

Individual Report Requirements

  • Plagiarism is not accepted.  Do not directly copy from the worldwide web or work of others (your classmates, previous term, etc), journals, articles, magazines, etc.

  • If you plagiarize without appropriate referencing or quoting, this will affect your result.

  • Students will FAIL the course for a number of reasons ie

    • poor quality of the individual report,

    • if there is no submission of the individual report

    • if there is a high percentage of plagiarism without appropriate referencing

Group report requirements1
Group Report Requirements

Individual Report Requirements

  • Each student has to write at least one page to your individual report with the required format below:

    • Format: Single line spacing

    • Font: Times New Roman

    • Font size: 12

    • Margin: 1" (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)

    • The assignment must be stapled

    • Please try to print on both sides

  • Outline of a technical report prepared by IELM Communication Tutor, Sarah Cook and the Writing Tips of the individual report could be downloaded from the

    IELM1010/1020 website at

Course website
Course Website


  • Please visit the course website for recent update and information (like course schedule, attendance record, etc)

  • You are strongly encouraged to check the course website regularly