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School Uniforms Today

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School Uniforms Today. By: Anna Dawes. All schools in the United States, both public and private, should require their students to wear uniforms. Thesis. Promotes unity Less expensive Less distraction in the classroom. Reasons why….

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school uniforms today

School Uniforms Today

By: Anna Dawes


All schools in the United States, both public and private, should require their students to wear uniforms.

reasons why

Promotes unity

  • Less expensive
  • Less distraction in the classroom
Reasons why…
unity among all

Schools give their students limited choices of the uniforms that can be worn.

  • With limited uniform choices, students look professional and put together.
  • In 2009-2010, approximately 57 % of public school principals reported that their school enforced a strict dress code, an increase from 47 % in 1999–2000” (NCES).
  • Inner City schools example
UNITY among all
cost and benefit

Research has shown that “keeping an only child properly dressed to age eighteen will cost an average total of $22,063, according to the USDA” (American FactFinder).

  • Argument that initial buying of uniforms is expensive
  • With uniforms, families can budget their money elsewhere.
  • Uniforms can easily be bought at stores like Target, Kohl’s, and discounted stores as well.
Cost$ and benefit$
fewer distractions in the classroom

My personal experience

  • Since there are only selective styles and colors that most schools let their students wear, more focus is put on school work and learning.
  • Elimination of “label competitions” - uniforms set the tone for a proper work attitude in the classroom, reduce behavior problems and improve student performance (Why School Uniforms 1).
  • Argument of INDIVIDUALITY
Fewer distractionsin the classroom…

In conclusion, I feel that schools in the United States would benefit much greater in academics and learning if there was a requirement for students to wear uniforms during school hours.

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