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School uniforms…. To wear or not to wear, That is the argument. Question:. Should schools implement a dress code?. Background info. “As of 2006, roughly one in five schools have a dress code or uniform policy” (“Update: School Uniforms”).

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school uniforms

School uniforms…

To wear or not to wear, That is the argument.

  • Should schools implement a dress code?
background info
Background info
  • “As of 2006, roughly one in five schools have a dress code or uniform policy” (“Update: School Uniforms”).
  • Uniforms became popular after Catholic schools showed higher test scores. People attributed the rise in test scores to the uniforms.
  • “In 1996, President Clinton promote dress codes in his annual State of the Union Address,” bringing the issue to a national stage (“Update: School Uniforms”).
  • Dress codes vary because they are controlled by local school boards.
  • Style and enforcement of uniform policies vary by school district.
  • (“Update: School Uniforms”)
assertion school uniforms promote equality
Assertion: School uniforms promote equality.
  • Proof A (Quote): “By mandating that all students dress, school officials can ensure that students judge each other based on character, not wardrobe” (“Update: School Uniforms”).
  • Proof B (Paraphrase): Uniforms help ease tensions among different groups of students. Schools report a decrease in behavior issues and fighting because everyone is wearing the same clothes. (“Pros and Cons of School Uniforms”).
  • Explanation: School uniforms create an accepting culture where students are not excluded based on the type of clothes they wear. Uniforms can eliminate stereotypes, cliques, and prevent gang problems.


assertion school uniforms stunt individuality
aSSERTION: School uniforms stunt individuality.


  • Proof A (Quote): “Students learn from uniforms that their individuality, political opinions, and religious rights are unimportant as is their education. Students are regularly suspended from school for non-compliance even if their school work is excellent” (“Update: School Uniforms”).
  • Proof B (Paraphrase): Encouraging individual thought and creativity should not be limited to what you say or write but it should also include what you wear as a form of personal expression (“Pros & Cons of School Uniforms”).
  • Explanation: Schools should encourage all forms of individuality and expression. School uniforms inhibit students ability to grow as a unique person. We should be celebrating diversity, not trying to promote uniformity.
counter argument
Counter Argument
  • PRO:
  • Even though clothes are one way to express individuality, we need to protect and ensure the safety and security of all students. The group is more important than the individual.


While it is important to decrease violence and promote equality in schools, protecting a student’s constitutional right to freedom of expression is vital to what we, as Americans, hold dear.

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