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ipv6 deployment in malaysia current status year 2007 plan n.
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IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia: Current Status & Year 2007 Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia: Current Status & Year 2007 Plan

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IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia: Current Status & Year 2007 Plan
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IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia: Current Status & Year 2007 Plan

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  1. IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia: Current Status & Year 2007 Plan Rahmat Budiarto Deputy Director NAv6 Center USM

  2. Content • Introduction • Activities • Deployment Status • NAv6 Year 2007 plans (General)

  3. Introduction Inaugurated as the National Center of Excellence for IPv6 Deployment (NAv6) in Malaysia on 18 March 2005 History…. Prior to its establishment, NAv6 was known as NRG (Network Research Group) with core research areas spanning multitude networking domains including Real-time Multimedia, Network Monitoring, Satellite Communications and Next Generation Network. The results and outcomes culminated from these research activities often received accolades from the computer science community. With the advent of IPv6, NRG had a paradigm shift towards IPv6 as to spearhead and prepare the nation for the next generation Internet technology as a result of implementation of IPv6 through various R&D activities, hence the formation of NAv6…

  4. Objectives of The Center • Core R&D and Middleware Development To commit to continuous research, experiment and development of new applications as well as the porting of existing applications to the new IPv6 specifications. • Training and Human Resource Providing the necessary environment and course structures to train and nurture IPv6 programmers and experts for Malaysia and the region. • Monitoring and Audit To study and monitor the impact of the protocol transition particularly for Malaysia and monitor regional development. This is to ensure Malaysia's growth commitment and international connectivity in this area. • Awareness and Promotion Providing the necessary structure to promote awareness of IPv6 and IPv6 usage .

  5. Dep. Director Director Domain Heads Research Officers Han Bon Abidah Iznan Amin Vani To benamed Admin Staff The Driving Force Behind NAv6

  6. Digital MM Broadcasting VoIP USP Mobile TV GSM 3G & Beyond SERVICES High Speed Broadband Short Range Communications Digital Home IPv6 Internet MyICMS 886-Value Chain Source: MCMC Embedded Component & Devices Foreign Ventures Content Development Communication Devices GROWTH AREAS ICT Education Hub Digital MM Receivers Competence Development Satellite Networks RFID 3G networks INFRASTRUCTURE Multiservice Convergence Network Product Design & Manufacturing

  7. Multiservice ConvergenceNetwork (MSCN) Migration of platform-based services 2006 Complete migration of legacy service Fixed-mobile convergence platform ready 2008 Multiple services, Fully IP-based 2010 1 3G Cellular Networks Introduction of High Speed Data High speed mobile data services; Interworking of BWA With 3GPP Nationwide 3G services coverage 2 Satellite Networks National policy on satellite-based communications Satellite as a complementing transmission medium Critical services reachable using satellite 3 Next Generation Internet Protocol (IPv6) Pilot of IPv6 services; All ISP are IPv6 enabled Government agencies adopt IPv6 IPv6 full device and network compliance MyICMS 886 – Infrastructure Goals (1) 4 Source: MCMC

  8. Timeline ISP to provideIPv6 based connectivity by 2006. All Govn. agencies to be IPv6 compliant by 2008. Malaysia to be IPv6 enabled nation by 2010 Malaysian IPv6 Initiatives MOSTI (IPv6 R&D funding and grants) MAMPU (Infrastructure changes for enabling IPv6 in Government Agencies) R&D Community e.g. MyREN MEWC (MyICMS886) National IPv6 Council MCMC (MyICMS886) Develop codes & technical standards for C&M industry i.e. IPv6 compliance list NAV6 (center of excellence – Academic Driven) MTSFB – IPv6 WG Roadmap C&M Industry Players ISPs e.g. TMNet, MaxisNet, JARING Non ISP/ Telcos My6

  9. IPv6 Training Activities IPv6 Training Course for ISP’s & Govt. Bodies (Basic) 2005 Date : 25 – 28 July 2005 Venue : MCMC’s Auditorium, Cyberjaya Hands-on Training on Set up IPv6 Networks 2006 Date : 17 – 18 January 2006 Venue : USM, Penang APT-IPv6 Joint WORKSHOP 2006 Date :27 February-1 March 2006 Venue : Berjaya Resort, Langkawi IPv6 Application Programming 2006 Date : 14 – 15 September 2006 Venue : Trader Hotel, Penang IPv6 Technology Training Course for MCS Status Companies 2006 Date : 22 to 23 September 2006 Venue : Mlabs, Kuala Lumpur Hands-on Training on Set up IPv6 Networks for U-18iXP 2006 Date : 22 to 24 November 2006 Venue : Univ Tanjungpura, Pontianak, Indonesia

  10. R&D Activities IPv6-Enabled Mobile Applications

  11. OSI Model Layer Proposed OSI Model Application Application Presentation Presentation Session Session Transport Transport Network Network Data Link Physical Physical R&D Activities IPv6 Over Fiber/Copper To simplify the OSI layered architecture by reducing the size of the data link header or removing it completely. To maximize the performance of data transmission. To minimize the use of bandwidth for data transmission

  12. IPv6 over Fiber subprojects

  13. R&D Activities Overall R&D timeline

  14. Industrial Partners Hexago, 3com-Huawei, Mlabs, Inetmon, Intel, HP, Swinburne University, UTAR, MMU, Microsoft, TM, Celcom, MEASAT and a few SMEs. Actively involved in joint development of auditing compliance tools with Industry Partners.

  15. Deployment Status • MYREN NETWORK

  16. Deployment Status • Main ISPs • IPv6 Ready (end of January 2007 - Self Declaration) • Will be audited by MCMC (beginning of Feb 2007) National IPv6 Council Meeting, Dec 24, 2006

  17. ISP Network Readiness (early 2006) Source: Industry

  18. Deployment Status • e-Government Networks • Preliminary Studies for Strategic Plan & Transition ( May 2006 – May 2007) • Transition Pilot Project at two ministries (MEWC & (?) – January – August 2007) Projects under MEWC

  19. 2007 Plan: National IPv6 Projects • Follow and beef-up the NAv6 charter, vision and mission. • Ensure R&D Framework is inline with the Nations Framework. • Follow up to get R&D funds for all IPv6 Involved Univs under the R&D Framework. • Provide Trainings on various IPv6 aspects for ISPs, Government and Private sectors. • Increase awareness together with MYREN (R&D) and MEWC (Public/Private) among potential IPv6 adopters. • Carry out robust and in-depth monitoring and compliance/conformance testing.

  20. Tentative Schedule for year 2007

  21. 2007 Plan: International IPv6 Projects • IPv6 Hands On Training (ITU) April • APT (Feb/March) • APAN Meeting, Manila (22-26 Jan) • NGN Symposium; Malaysia IPv6 Forum Kick-off (15-17 March www.nav6.org/ngn07/ • APAN Meeting, China (Aug) • AI3 Meeting (May & October) • Projects with ASTI (Philipines) • Projects with Taiwan NICI • Projects with India (IPv6 Forum), China (Cernet), Australia (AArnet) • Projects with Thailand (PSU) • Projects with Indonesia (U-18iXP, IDC, ITB & UniBraw) • Malaysia IPv6 Summit (Oct)

  22. Selamat

  23. Glossary • IPv6 – Internet Protocol version 6 • IPv4 – Internet Protocol version 4 • NAv6 – National Advanced IPv6 Centre of Excellence • NRG – Network Research Group • MCS – Multimedia Conferencing System • SIP – Session Initiation Protocol • RFC – Request for Comments • MCMC – Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission • MyREN - Malaysia Research & Education Network