early civilization in greece n.
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Early Civilization in Greece

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Early Civilization in Greece - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Early Civilization in Greece. Let’s review the vocabulary from page 278 and the Homework and Practice Book Pages 75 and 76. Activity. Lived in Crete Mild climate, fertile soil, many olive trees Small farming and fishing villages

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the minoans

Lived in Crete

  • Mild climate, fertile soil, many olive trees
  • Small farming and fishing villages
  • Palaces built as a center for economic, government, and religious activity
The Minoans
homer quote

The following was written about Crete by

the Greek poet Homer:

“handsome country, fertile, thronged [crowded] with people…”

Homer Quote:
minoan life

Enjoyed dancing, music, and sports

  • Expert sailors and sea traders
  • Traded with the early Greeks, Mesopotamians, and Egyptians
Minoan Life
minoan life continued

Although they formed their own language, experts have been unable to decipher it

  • No one knows why they disappeared
  • Theories include fire, volcanic eruption, an earthquake, or the warlike Mycenaeans
Minoan Life (Continued)
the mycenaeans

Mostly peasants, or poor farmers, who were ruled by warrior kings

  • Spoke an early form of Greek language: considered the first Greeks
  • Practiced cultural borrowing from the Minoans
  • This included sailing, writing system, art, and pottery styles
The Mycenaeans
the mycenaeans1

In about 1450 B.C., they invaded Crete

  • They controlled Crete and the Peloponnesus until about 1100 B.C., spreading their culture to these regions
The Mycenaeans

Turn to page 281 of your textbook and let’s examine the goods that went to and from Crete.

  • Make a chart in your notebook that shows the imports and exports that went to and from Crete.