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4) Billy Barker

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The Cariboo Gold Rush. 1) The Journey. By Charisse Shimenosky. 2) Where It Happened. 3) Getting The Gold. 4) Billy Barker. 5) What is gold?. The Journey.

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The Cariboo Gold Rush

1) The Journey

By Charisse Shimenosky

2) Where It Happened

3) Getting The Gold

4) Billy Barker

5) What is gold?


The Journey

People came from all over like Germany and China and even Hawaii to British Columbia for the gold. First, the miners needed to get to Fort Victoria. When the miner got there, he needed to get his license and supplies. The supplies included 1 bowl and can, 1 knife and fork, 1 tin plate, 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, 1 comb and hairbrush, sheets, and 2 cooking pots.


Once he had these supplies, he would take a boat like a paddle wheeler . Once they got to a trail to the gold, they needed to get through it with a load of 70 or more pounds on their backs! Some of these trails were old trails used for transporting furs.

Paddle Wheeler


1858-1865 is when the gold rush happened.

Where it Happened

1 Used to be known as Fort Victoria, this was the start of the journey.

2 Lillooet was the beginning of the trail to Barkerville.


3 Quesnel was a rest stop and had some supplies.


4 Barkerville is where the gold rush happened. It was named after Billy Barker who struck gold on his last try.




Getting The Gold

There’s something about gold. Of all the metals known to us, nothing can capture the heart like the twinkle of gold.

The ways of getting the gold changed quickly over a short time

Methods such as gold panning, sluicing and using a rocker, were common forms of mining from rivers and streams.





The way to use a gold pan is to put it under the sand and swirl it about looking for specs of gold. Gold would be at the bottom because it is heavy.

A rocker would be used by dumping pots of gravel into it and the gold would get stuck in the riffles.

Using a sluice box, a miner would put it in the sand and the box would separate the gold from the sand and gravel.


Billy Barker

Billy Barker was born on June 7 1817 and died on July 11 1894.

Billy Barker had staked a claim below the canyon and nobody thought he could find gold there and laughed. Billy became one of the wealthiest men at the time. He tried and tried but could not find a speck. He said “If I don’t find any this time , I’m going to quit!.” He tried once more and “struck it rich.” Billy Barker was the founder of Barkerville



Gold is a soft, yellow element that reacts to very few chemicals. Those chemicals include chlorine and fluorine. 2/3 of earth’s gold comes from South Africa.Bendy gold is purer than hard gold. Gold is popular because it is so beautiful and shiny.


Child labour

Thankyou for viewing my project. But you know how I talked about the best of gold, how shiny and glittery it is, well for some it’s a different story.

Children in Africa, Asia, and the Philippines are constantly mining gold, 12-14 hours a day. Families want there children to work thinking they would find some gold. But in most occasions it would be the opposite risking their children's lives.


The End

Thankyou for viewing my