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  1. e-Therapeutics plc The Network Pharmacology Company Preliminary year-end results 2012 May 22 2012

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  3. e-Therapeutics’ business model • Discovery • Discovery scientists working with Network Pharmacology platform • Generate candidates for development • Development • Core internal team led by Steve Self + specialist CROs, CMOs • Advance drugs through phase II trials Potential discovery collaborations Product licensing deals 3

  4. Drug discovery Oxford Network Pharmacology Centre established New wave of discovery started Focus on cancer and neurodegenerative diseases Expect at least one new drug for development by end 2013 Further innovations in platform approach – new IP Highlights of 2011/12 (1) 4

  5. Drug development MHRA approved plans for ETS2101 ‘all-comers’ ph I FDA approved plans for ph I study in brain cancer Both ETS201 trials expected to start enrolment soon ETX1153c; plans changed; new preclinical work On track to start phIIb trial of ETS6103 (depression) in Q3 On track to start ph I trial of ETX1153a (MRSA) in Q4 Highlights of 2011/12 (2) 5

  6. Finance Cash and deposits of £13.9m at Jan 31 ‘12 (2011: £0.9m) Balance sheet transformed by Feb ‘11 raise of £16.7m Net loss of £3.2m (2011: loss of £2.3m) Increasing investment in R&D Organisation Daniel Elger and Rajesh Chopra appointed to Board New scientific talent recruited Highlights of 2011/12 (3) 6

  7. ETX programme focused on evasion of apoptosis Began with genes implicated in evasion of apoptosis Built protein networks including products of these genes proteins regulating their expression  103 interactome local area networks (LANs) Used impact analysis to identify best sets of target proteins per LAN and then overall desired protein signature ETS2101 – anticancer candidate1. Targeting strategy developed using network pharmacology 7

  8. Matched desired signature with footprints of known molecules using chemoproteomic resources One of 16 was ETS2101 = dexanabinol, a synthetic cannabinoid that had failed phase III in trauma patients Well tolerated Distinctive footprint NMDA receptor Binding affinity COX2 Gene expression/ regulation TNFa Post-translation / secretion NF-kBPhosphorylation CDP-diacylglycerol-glycerol- 3-phosphate 3 phosphatidyltransferase Network-mediated Farnesyltranstransferase Network-mediated Histoneacetyltransferase Network-mediated CDK2 Network-mediated CDK5 Network-mediated ETS2101 – anticancer candidate 2. Drugs to deliver strategy identified 8

  9. NP platform predicted ETS2101 would stop cancer cells evading apoptosis Preclinical testing showed broad and potent anti-cancer activity Wide variety of cancer cell lines Particularly interesting results in brain cancer glioma ETS2101 – anticancer candidate 3. Empirical testing supported network pharmacology predictions Killing of four brain cancer cell lines by ETS2101 9

  10. Two parallel phase I trials to be conducted #1 – patients with a variety of solid tumours - UK #2 – patients with brain cancers (primary and metastatic) - US Both trials will explore dosing, safety and activity Trials approved by regulators, starting shortly Initial data expected by end of 2012 Final data from both studies expected 2013 ETS2101 – anticancer candidate4. Clinical development about to begin 10

  11. Product with promising preclinical data in treatment of Clostridium difficile, a cause of life-threatening infections High potency based on synergistic combination of nisin and miconazole Activity extends to drug-resistant strains such as NAP-1 Issues in formulating drug & potential for better product so not progressing immediately with clinical development New preclinical work to build on positive findings with ETX1153c and recent data on related approaches ETX1153c – anti-infective vs C. difficile 11

  12. ETS6103 - depression Building on encouraging phase IIa trial data Phase IIb trial to start Q3 2012, report H2 2013 ETX1153a - MRSA Topical approach to MRSA Phase I study to start Q4 2012, report 2013 Two further clinical entrants in 2012 12

  13. Solid progress • 2011 • Business funded until 2014 • Restart of discovery: new hires • Preparation for trials • 2012 • Discovery fully active • Trial starts for 3 drugs • First trial data • Ramp-up of BD activity • Increasing interest in NP approach 13

  14. R&D investment and returns For two financial years to Jan 2014 £13.9m Jan ’12 • Development • ~2/3 of R&D investment • Three drugs into clinic in ‘12 • Significant data in 2012/13 (1 phase II & 2 phase I results by end of 2013) • Discovery • ~1/3 of R&D investment • New wave underway • One + new drug into development by end 2013 Product licensing deals Potential discovery collaborations 14

  15. Newsflow 2012-2013 15