houses around the world l.
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Houses Around the World

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Houses Around the World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reports and Projects by the MKES First Grade Research Group

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houses around the world

Houses Around the World

Reports and Projects by the MKES First Grade Research Group

a traditional tipi
A Traditional Tipi

This is a model of a tipi. Many Plains tribes moved often to follow the buffalo herds. They needed a house they could move very easily. They are made out of a cone-shaped frame of wood poles with a cover tied over it .

by Alisson

chinese tulou
Chinese Tulou

This is a model of a Chinese tulou. It is found in deep in the mountains in China. It is a very big round building. Three hundred people can live in the tulou.

by Angeline

india house
India House

This is a model of an India house. It has a hay roof and earthen walls that block the heat outside. The women draw designs on the outside and inside of the house is also elaborately decorated.

by Miraab

indonesian house
Indonesian House

This is a model of an Indonesian house. Houses are made of bamboo and grass. The animals live on the ground. The people live above. The gods live at the top of the roof.

by Hau

mongolia house
Mongolia House

This is a model of a Mongolian house called a yurt. These kinds of houses are portable- which means you can move them. Herders of sheep and horses live in them. They are set up in places where there is water and grass for their animals.

by Hana

plank house
Plank House

This is a model of the Native Americans Plank House. A plank is a big flat piece of wood like a thick board. The frame of the house was built using huge logs. The walls and the roof were then covered with planks. Some houses were decorated with special designs.

by Benjamin


This is a model of a pueblo. Pueblos are found in the southwest. They use lots of stone and adobe but little wood. It looks like today’s apartment buildings. The many rooms of pueblos are built one at a time. The outside of houses were plastered over with adobe mud. Using adobe to plaster the outsides of house gave them all the same muddy brown color.

by Allison

senegal house
Senegal House

This is a model of a Senegal house. It is found the center of the village. The roof is up side down. It collects the water from the rain. They use it for drinking water.

by Jenny

togo house
Togo House

This is a model of Togo Earthen Castle. Togo houses are made from mud and grass. Inside the small towers there are many bedrooms and a kitchen. The outside walls are made from mud and clay. The roof is made from dried grass. Togo houses are found in the Tamberma region of Togo, Africa.

by Ayanna

underground house of spain
Underground House of Spain

This is a model of an underground house in Spain. The chimney

is white and it sticks out of the ground. Most of the house is underground. No two houses are the same. Some are big and some are small.

by David