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Gym Workout Plan To Lose Weight PowerPoint Presentation
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Gym Workout Plan To Lose Weight

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Gym Workout Plan To Lose Weight - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gym Workout Plan To Lose Weight

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  1. Transform Your Body Fat

  2. To transform Your body fat, lose fat to get fit and healthy or feel greatness by doing exercises on daily basis. Exercises allows you to boost your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning furnace. Choose the full body workouts and exercises that will build muscle in the places you want, improves body shape and gives you a well toned body.

  3. The Seated Dumbbell Tricep Extension is an exercise to train your triceps and as the name suggests, performed sitting. It can be done on a fitness sofa with a low back.

  4. Stand on one leg and place the other foot on the stability ball with your knee bent at a 90-degree angle. Slowly bend the leg that you are standing on and straighten the leg on the stability ball into a lunge position. Go as low as possible while still maintaining stability and no pain. Repeat this.

  5. This exercise will provide flexibility and strengthen to the muscles of the back and core. To perform this exercise simply lie prone (on your stomach) on a Stability Ball with your toes firmly planted on the floor for balance. With your hands across your chest or at your ears, raise your chest off the ball so you are hyperextending your spine. slowly return your chest to the ball. Repeat.

  6. Lying on a stability ball forces your core to work harder to keep you stable. So you work for your abs as you shape the backs of your arms.

  7. Stability Single leg squat is a great corrective exercise and helpful for injury prevention if you are a runner. It is important to have balanced legs and this will provide strength to your weak leg. Doing Single leg squats with stability ball is a great way to tone your booty, challenge your core as well as your sense of balance, and strengthen your legs independently.

  8. Toe Touch Crunches are a great basic abs exercise. The toe tap exercise is a basic abdominal movement that works your abs isometrically, or statically. Your abdominal muscles are not the primary movers, but they do engage during the toe tap exercise.

  9. The tricep dumbbell kickback exercise is one of the most beneficial and exercises for the arms and building bigger triceps. classic

  10. Pulsing Lunges is the most beneficial exercise When you are trying to shape your lower body, increase muscle tissue, develop core strength or make your hips more flexible. It will provide strength to your legs and buttocks and pulsing lunges is the most effective lowerbody exercise.

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