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USPHS Regular Corps Assimilation PowerPoint Presentation
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USPHS Regular Corps Assimilation

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USPHS Regular Corps Assimilation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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USPHS Regular Corps Assimilation
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  1. USPHS Regular Corps Assimilation LCDR Corey Dahl, Assimilation Coordinator Office of Commissioned Corps Operations, Division of Commissioned Corps Officer Support August 2008

  2. Regular Corps Assimilation Policy Instruction 324.01:-- Regular Corps Assimilation Program ( old CCPM: CC23.37 Personnel Operations Memorandum 07-002, Regular Corps Assimilation Program

  3. AssimilationBasics • The Regular Corps is the career component of the PHS • All newly-appointed Public Health Service (PHS) officers are commissioned in the Reserve Corps • Assimilation is the appointment of Reserve Corps officers into the Regular Corps of the Commissioned Corps

  4. Regular Corps Officer Benefits • Eligible for Flag rank • Eligible for Chief Professional Officer (CPO) • Retention Priority • Promotion Priority when tied with a Reserve Corps officer

  5. *CC23.3, Instruction 7, page 8

  6. Application Eligibility Criteria • Must complete a minimum 2 years of continuous active duty at the time of application • Must meet Regular Corps appointment board standards for particular professional field • Meet required medical standards • Received a D or E overall score on current COER • Compliant with PHS licensure policy

  7. Summary Category EducationRequirements • Medical, Dental, Nurse, Scientist, Veterinary, Pharmacy, Dietitian & Therapist: Current unrestricted, valid license with no additional educational requirements • Engineer, EHO, HSO categories have additional Regular Corps requirements. • Instruction 391.01: -- Appointment Standards and Boards

  8. Assimilation Application • Downloadapplication (form PHS-7034) from CCMIS website ( Under dropdown menu “Forms” or “Publications” • Completed applications need to be signed by the officer and their supervisor

  9. After Application • Agencies provide recommendations for each officer: Highly Recommend, Recommend or Not Recommend • Officers are reviewed by one of two boards after serving three years continuous active duty by 1 March: upper or lower • Each officer is scored based on five precepts: performance, career progression, assignment or geographic mobility, receipt of awards, career potential

  10. After the Boards Meet • Officers are notified via memo placed in the Personnel Orders (pink) section of their eOPF regarding their outcome and provided instructions: • Recommended • Recommended but not sufficiently high on rank order list • Recommended but not sufficiently high on rank order list for third time in a row • Not Recommended • Board score sheet is placed in the Confidential Section (brown) of the eOPF

  11. After the Boards Meet • Officers sufficiently high on the rank order list are placed on the presidential nomination list. • The nomination list is sent to the SG, ASH, DHHS Secretary for signature prior to being sent to the President. • The President officially nominates the list to the U.S. Senate.

  12. After Senate Confirmation • Administrative reviews completed for disciplinary and administrative actions, medical, readiness, and security clearance requirements • After cleared, officers sent Regular Corps Appointment Affidavit (oath of office) for signature • Regular Corps appointment orders issued after oath returned to Assimilation Coordinator • Regular Corps certificate and ribbon mailed after orders issued

  13. Current Regular Corps/Assimilation Status • Limited by statue to 2800 Regular Corps officers • As of 11 August 2008 at 2654 Regular Corps strength limited within to a certain percentage of each permanent grade 2009 applicant pool could be possibly over 1000 officers

  14. OCCO, DCCOS, Assimilation Coordinator • LCDR Corey Dahl • Office: 240-453-6051 • Email: • Email: