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What’s New in eSIS?

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What’s New in eSIS? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What’s New in eSIS?. Agenda. SPED ADV update Training Videos Java Update. What’s New in eSIS SPED . Highlights. New Forms and Features Updated Documentation. System Configuration. IEP Types System Table . SEW894. Modified to handle both IEPs/Service Plans

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Presentation Transcript


SPED ADV update

Training Videos

Java Update



New Forms and Features

Updated Documentation

iep types system table
IEP Types System Table
  • SEW894
  • Modified to handle both IEPs/Service Plans
  • Created new columns of Add and Copy
planning form
Planning Form

Planning form was detached from the ETR and is now a separate menu option.

etr updates

Deletes can be done on unfinalized ETRs

Demographics data can be updated on a copy

ETR meeting date not required to save; still required to finalize.

Agree/Disagree columns in Part 5 are now checkboxes

ETR Updates
etr updates1
ETR Updates
  • Part 5? Checkbox added to Part 1

Automatically adds the user to Part 5

Checking this in Part 1

iep updates general
IEP Updates - General

Appropriate age checks added for part 4 and 5

Deletes can be done on unfinalized IEPs

Demographics data can be updated on a copy

Amendment dates are locked for a copy

Added IEP types of Final, Consent Withdrawn and Transfer

Home phone number not required to finalize

iep updates part 5
IEP Updates – Part 5
  • New buttons to add/delete services
  • Existing add and delete buttons renamed to indicate record add and delete
iep updates part 6
IEP Updates – Part 6
  • Methods of measuring changed to a pop-up box where multiple items can be selected
iep updates part 61
IEP Updates – Part 6
  • Report every xx weeks handles decimal entries
iep updates part 10
IEP Updates – Part 10

A new button added to the ESY section

Produces a pop-up box of all goals and objectives

iep updates part 11
IEP Updates – Part 11

The purpose of the EMIS Reported Fields is to assist with triggers to SPED Lite

progress report update
Progress Report Update

Either progress codes or descriptions can now be printed


progress report update1
Progress Report Update

Either progress codes or descriptions can now be printed


progress reports update
Progress Reports Update

Generic header of Ohio Schools replaced by District Name

progress reports update1
Progress Reports Update

Entry of progress dates has calendar popup box functionality

services plan
Services Plan

Accessed through the main menu

part 3 accommodations grades
Part 3 – Accommodations Grades

Multiple Grades can be assigned to each accommodation.


Del Buttons



sp and iep comparison
SP and IEP Comparison

SP has no Complete checkboxes

SP has no Form Status

SP has no trigger back into SPED Lite

SP has no option to turn Banking off

Both perform checks during the ‘finalization’ process

Both have access to Progress reports

Both must be finalized by a Chairperson

security roles setup pr01 02 05
Security/Roles Setup-PR01,02,05
  • PR01-Prior Written Notice to Parents (SEWOH12p)
  • PR02-Parent Invitation(SEWOH23p)
  • PR05-Parent Consent for Evaluation (SEWOH52p)

Forms must be added into the “Reports” section of the security role.

From the security class, select Report Access

security roles setup
Security Roles/Setup

Select the Reports button associated with the role

Be sure the new programs are listed in the report group

pr01 summary of changes
PR01-Summary of Changes
  • New field (Revocation of Consent) added to type of action list
  • Increased the address size on Tab 2 to include city, state, zip
  • Provide a choice of district or school address to be selected
pr02 summary of changes
PR02-Summary of Changes
  • Special Ed Teacher renamed Intervention Specialist on Invitees Tab
pr02 summary of changes1
PR02-Summary of Changes

New text field added for more description on the Parent Consent tab. Up to 3,000 characters can be entered

pr05 summary of changes
PR05-Summary of Changes

Yes/No option now required only if the native language is NOT English

pr03 summary of changes
PR03-Summary of Changes

Questions and the yes/no checkboxes reformatted

Conclusion is automatically created based on the answers to the questions

pr04 summary of changes
PR04-Summary of Changes
  • Home phone and address fields moved to this tab
  • Student and Contact’s address fields separated
  • Cell phone and email fields added to Contact
pr04 summary of changes1
PR04-Summary of Changes
  • New tab, Identifying Data Cont’d was created
  • Course information and Reason for Referral moved to this tab
pr04 summary of changes2
PR04-Summary of Changes

Educational His Tab - 3 new data fields added

  • Fields can contain up to 3,000 characters
  • Required to finalize
  • Years at present building and number of districts attended moved to this tab
pr04 summary of changes3
PR04-Summary of Changes

Preschool Child…Tab

  • Choice of “Other” added to list
  • Items rearranged to match form
updated documentation
Updated Documentation
  • Updated Instructions for:
    • ETR
    • IEP
  • New Instructions for:
    • Planning Form
    • System Configuration
    • Services Plan
  • eSMOC Website:
    • esmoc.oecn.k12.oh.us:8000
esis jx

New Look and Feel

  • Windows type browsing through the application
    • System of Tabs and Hyperlinks
esis jx1


  • Flexibility
    • Menus
    • Fields
  • Easier Search/Advanced Search
    • No Wild Card Needed
esis jx2
  • Currently seen in JAVA TA





esis jx3

Search Results

esis jx5

One Log In For All of a User’s Schools

esis jx6

Current Status

  • Version 2.0.03 currently installed on a Sandbox Environment by eSMOC eSIS Team Developers
  • Testing being done by the eSMOC eSIS Team
esis jx7
  • Future Plans
  • Providing access to eSMOC Sandbox for Testing and Review by eSMOC Sites
  • Documentation
  • Webcasts


  • eSMOC Website:
    • http://empower.nwoca.org/pls/htmldb/f?p=207:10:16836909676037028127