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Hinduism. By Div. 8 (Austen Keresa , Emily Bischoff, Kai Peterson, Paige Kim, Jason Park). Hundreds of Hindu holy books written. Important because some of last known books written in Sanskrit, the ancient Hindu language Some praise gods. Others outline and describe correct ways of worship.

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By Div. 8 (Austen Keresa, Emily Bischoff, Kai Peterson, Paige Kim, Jason Park)


Hundreds of Hindu holy books written.

  • Important because some of last known books written in Sanskrit, the ancient Hindu language
  • Some praise gods.
  • Others outline and describe correct ways of worship.
  • Some describe Hindu beliefs
  • According to some holy books, world periodically ends and is reborn.
  • Some passed down orally, not through writing
  • Holy books divided into two groups.
  • First group is “Shruti” meaning “heard” because wise men first heard these words.
  • Two main groups of “Shruti” text are “Vedas” and “Upanishads”.
  • Vedas are the oldest of all the holy books.
  • Hindus believe the Vedas came from god and contain truths that never change.
  • The most important Veda is the “rig-veda”, contains over 1,000 hymns.
  • Most other “Vedas” contain instructions on the proper ways for priests to worship.

By: Austin Keresa


“Upanishads” are the last part of each Veda.

  • “Upanishads” means “sit down near”
  • “Upanishads” contain discussions about important Hindu beliefs like “atman” (the soul)
  • All “Upanishads” were written between 400 and 200 b.c.e.
  • Second group is “Smirti” meaning “remembered” because for a while when first heard they couldn’t be written down and had to be remembered to be passed down the generations.
  • “The laws of Manu” are important Hindu law books.
  • There are 2,685 verses in “the laws of Manu”, all containing instructions on how to live, or the importance of the Hindu teachings.
  • “The laws of Manu” also include crimes and punishments for them.
  • The “puranas” are a group of books that help explain the “Vedas”.
  • “Puranas” means olden times, and these books were written over a period of 1,000 years, starting in 500 c.e.
  • There are nearly 500,000 verses in the “Puranas”, containing mostly well known stories and worship the gods Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Shakti.

By: Austin Keresa

  • Offering stuff to Gods
  • Prasada = offering to Gods & Goddesses
  • to invite Gods to live in shrine
  • giving them clothing and food
  • Prasada placed frond of God & bless
  • kids sometimes make their own offerings
  • arti = offering of light Emily B.
  • temple = Gods home on earth
  • prest pours liquid in to cupped hand and drink
  • the temple is called mandir
  • not made to visit temple or pray all the time
  • at temple worshipers chant mantras Emily B.
worshipping god
Worshipping God
  • no set time for worship
  • kids usually watch mom then join in
  • Puja = common worship
  • some families make shrines for worship
  • they go on pilgrimages
  • worship dynasty @ home and temple and religious places with statues of the dynasty
  • if they bathe in holy river, sins washed way
  • Dynasty = god and goddesses Emily B.
what do hindus believe in
What do Hindus believe in?
  • They believe that gods are all part of one absolute power.
  • They think Braham can be translated into god.
  • They believe that nothing would exist if Braham wasn’t in it.
  • Some Hindus believe only in one god.
  • They believe that dairy products help with spirituality.
  • They believe that everybody's needs can be met if everyone performs specific duties.
  • They believe that when you die your souls are reborn in another body, human or animal.
  • They think meditating and yoga can help realize unity.
  • They believe that consuming alcohol, onions, and garlic makes it harder to find the spiritual truths.
  • Most Hindus believe in supreme spirit.
  • They think cows are sacred so they don’t eat them.
  • They believe that previous life affects their current life.
  • Many Hindus believe in not killing human being for food.
  • They say universal spirit can be seen.

By: Kai Peterson

what do hindus believe in1

What do Hindus believe in?

How did this religion start?

-Started at least 500years ago

-Started in Northwest India

-Developed slowly over thousand of years

-Developed from their religious practices; literature and systems

-No founder or the date the religion started in any of the holy books

-Has many branches

-way of life, not just a religion (no right or wrong)

-Has many important leaders/teachers, but don’t follow one person

-The name (Hinduism)-invented by western scholars in the 19thcentury

-Hindus call Hinduism “sanatana dharma” the “eternal teaching” or “law”


What are the two major holidays?


-Lord Krishna’s Birthday

-Eight day of the dark half Shrovan at midnight

-Decorate shrines, sing and fast till midnight


-For remembering Lakshmi, the god who brings fortunes to clean, tidy and bright homes

-Short form of Dipivalli

-one of the most important festival in the year

-Starts at the end of Ashwin and goes on to Kartik (Sept/Oct ~Oct/Nov)

-Lights clay lamps for Yama, the spirit of death

-Short form of Dipivalli

-Shares sweets and Indian food

who are their gods religious leaders
Who are their Gods/Religious Leaders?

Each god is a different expression of one supreme being.

God and Goddess have more than one arm and head. Arms symbolize their special powers

They carry a sacred object.

By Jason Park

three most important gods
Three most important GODS

By Jason Park

  • Creator of the universe and first member of the Hindu trinity.
  • Has 4 heads that point to each corner of the earth.
  • Has 4 arms
  • Wife is Sarawatsi the goddess of learning and the arts.

By Jason Park

  • Vishnu is the creator and preserver of the world and is very forgiving.
  • Vishnu preserves the universe and is shown riding on an eagle or sleeping on a giant serpent.
  • His wife is the goddess of beauty and wealth.
  • He also saved the world from evil and time of trouble.

By Jason Park

  • Shiva destroys the evil in the universe and carries a trident which is the symbol of destruction.
  • He has a 3rd eye on his forehead that represents knowledge.
  • He rides on a huge bull called Nandi.
  • His wife is the goddess Parvarti.

By Jason Park