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Employee Applicant Tracking

Employee Applicant Tracking. A Guide for Hiring Managers. What is UT JOBS ? New Employee Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for the University of Tennessee. What’s Different for Departments? Online Requisitions Through IRIS Approvals Using IRIS Approval Workflow

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Employee Applicant Tracking

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  1. Employee Applicant Tracking A Guide for Hiring Managers

  2. What is UT JOBS? New Employee Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for the University of Tennessee

  3. What’s Different for Departments? • Online Requisitions Through IRIS • Approvals Using IRIS Approval Workflow • Seven Business-Day Minimum Posting Period for Exempt and Non-exempt Positions • One Stop for Approval from Office of Equity and Diversity (OED) • Ability to Manage the Applicant Hiring Process Online

  4. What’s Different for Applicants? • Ability to Search for Jobs by Campus or Institute, Geographic Region, Zip Code or Job Function • Ability to Create Profile and Set Up Social Network Notifications • Ability to Submit Resume to Partially Complete the Application • Ability to Check their Application Status

  5. Getting Started

  6. Access IRIS Choose IRIS Production Enter Your IRIS User Name & Password

  7. Access Position Create/ Change E-Form Double Click

  8. Enter Effective Date. You can use the current date. Note: If this is a new position then you must first email a PDQ to Dan Webb at Dan-Webb@utc.edu and copy Melanie-Sadler@utc.edu. Once approved, HR will initiate this e-form on your behalf.

  9. If the position exists in IRIS, enter Position Number. If unknown, the Position Number can be located in IRIS PA20 by searching for the current incumbent.

  10. Click “Yes” Radio Button to Create Requisition.

  11. Click Refresh Button to Find Position. This is required to display position in the area below.

  12. Highlight Position.

  13. Click Change

  14. Example of completed position request form. Note:You may also request changes to the position among this form.

  15. If there are no other changes, click Submit for Approval. The request will now be sent through the approval process. If an approver rejects the request for any reason, you will receive an email notification. Contacting the approver would be necessary at this time. Once final approval is given, the initiator will receive a notification e-mail. This only indicates completion of the approval process. The position is not posted at this time. Melanie Sadler, Laure Rodebaugh, or Jackie Strand will contact you, via e-mail once approval is complete, to create the job advertisement content and post the position in Taleo.

  16. Viewing Your Requisition In Taleo

  17. Viewing Your Requisitions • Access Requisitions Online • https://ut.taleo.net • If you are not logged into the UT Network, sign into the ATS using your netid and password. • If you are logged into the UT Network, you will automatically be directed to the ATS menu.

  18. Viewing your Requisitions This is the screen you will see if you are not logged into the UT Network. Log in using your netid and password. Any IRIS user should have log in access to Taleo.

  19. To view your requisitions, click Recruiting.

  20. On the Main Menu, click View Requisitions to find detailed information about your job requisition(s). Each requisition is established in Taleo by an HR recruiter once the position request approval process is complete. A requisition will be viewable in Taleo by a hiring department once the recruiter completes the process and posts the position to the active external and internal career sites. Note: Search Committee members may access the Taleo System if names are provided to the HR recruiter when the requisition is being developed.

  21. When you are in the Taleo System, you will see this information in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen. Click here to log completely out of the Taleo System. Your Name Shows information about you as a Taleo user. Click to return to the Main Menu.

  22. You will be presented a list of your active requisitions. Note the number beside each requisition indicates the number of applications you currently have for the requisition. To view detailed information, click on the requisition title.

  23. You will be presented information about the requisition. Use the scroll bar to see additional information .

  24. The additional sections of the requisition are listed below. Click on the arrows to expand each section. • Administration describes the budgeting information. • Description (External) shows the job description that appears on the External Career Site. • Description (Internal) shows the job description that appears on the Internal Career Site. • Prescreening shows the prescreening questions assigned to the requisition.

  25. After reviewing a specific requisition, click the Return to the Requisition List button to return to the full requisition list.

  26. Viewing Applications

  27. Viewing Applications • A 7 business-day advertising period is required before requesting to view applications for your position(s). You may contact Melanie Sadler, Laure Rodebaugh, or Jackie Strand to request to view new applications. • The HR recruiter will log into Taleo and review each received application to determine if they meet the minimum qualifications of the position. Those meeting minimum qualifications will be released to the hiring department for further review. Those not meeting minimum qualifications will remain in the Taleo system without being further reviewed by the hiring department.

  28. Viewing Applications cont. • Notice of applications to review are received via email by the hiring department. • Separate email for each application. • PDF format or login to view. • Enables search committee chair to forward applications to search committee members.

  29. Open the email as normal. This example reflects an email for each applicant referred by your Recruiter.

  30. To send to other search committee members, simply forward the email.

  31. After entering a message and the email address(es) of the Search Committee Member(s), click the Send Button to forward information. Note: This functionality allows information to also be sent to non-UT search committee members, if applicable.

  32. Click on pdf link to view application in pdf. To view the resume, click the resume link. Click on this link to take you directly into the Taleo System to view the application and resume. Viewing applications within the system continues on Slide #35. Note: Authorization to the applications in Taleo is dependent on being named as a hiring manager, hiring manager assistant or a collaborator in the requisition PLUS having IRIS access.

  33. PDF Application A general introductory page will appear. To see the application, scroll through the document.

  34. PDF Application Sections Note: The PDF applications will be separated into these sections.

  35. This is the screen you will see if you click the login link in the email and are not logged into the UT Network. Log in using your netid and password.

  36. To view your applications, click on Recruiting.

  37. On the Main Menu, click View Candidates to view and manage your applications.

  38. A list of your active requisitions appears. Entering a date in the Since field, enables viewing of candidates who have applied since the specified date. Click on the right arrow next to the requisition title to see the list of candidates to be reviewed.

  39. Once an applicant is chosen from the list by clicking on their name, the first screen that may appear is a history of the activities related to the candidate’s application process for the requisition. If the History of the applicant appears, click on the Job Submission tab to see the candidate’s data.

  40. The Candidate Personal Information will appear. Scroll through the applicant information to see additional data. To view the resume that was originally attached, click the Attachments tab. To view the attachment, click on the title of the converted file. Note: You may have to allow pop-ups from ut.taleo.net in the web browser you are using to enable this functionality.

  41. Hint: Anytime you are reviewing an individual candidate and want to return to the candidate list, click the Up to the Candidate List button.

  42. Managing Candidates

  43. Managing Candidates • Each candidate goes through a series of steps and statuses during the hiring process. • See Appendix A for Steps and Statuses • As a hiring manager or assistant, you will be moving your candidates through these steps and statuses. • Once the HR recruiter reviews the incoming applications, they will release them for further review and the candidates will then be listed among the UT-Search Committee Reviewstep with a To Be Reviewedstatus.

  44. Managing your Candidates • In the To Be Reviewedstatus of the Search Committee Reviewstep, each committee will further review the candidates and select a pool to be interviewed. • Prior to establishing an interview pool, all applications should be requested for review and release by HR . The job posting can be removed at any time the hiring department informs HR of a sufficient applicant pool.

  45. Managing your Candidates • An important step in the exempt hiring process is the approval of the primary and secondary interview pools by the Office of Equity and Diversity (OED). This MUST be completed before interviews are scheduled. Note: This step is not required for a non exempt position. Non exempt instructions continue on Slide #61.

  46. Equity and Diversity Approval The following slides will demonstrate step-by-step instructions for moving a candidate through the OED step and status approval process.

  47. You may change the step or status of multiple applicants at the same time ONLY if all selected applicants are moving to the same step/status. • As an example of changing multiple applicants at the same time, this demo will show the process for identifying the primary and secondary interview pools for OED approval. • OED requests that each hiring department submits both a primary and secondary interview pool for approval. Primary pools will consist of top candidates intended to be interviewed and secondary pools consist of alternate interview possibilities.

  48. Equity and Diversity Approval • To access the employment Applicant Tracking System directly and not via an email link, enter the following URL in the search window of your web browser: • https://ut.taleo.net

  49. Accessing your Candidate List If you are not logged into the UT Network, you will be asked to log in using your netid and password.

  50. To view your candidates, click on Recruiting.

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