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Appconomy : How to make money with the Windows Store PowerPoint Presentation
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Appconomy : How to make money with the Windows Store

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Appconomy : How to make money with the Windows Store - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Appconomy : How to make money with the Windows Store. Sascha Corti, Christof Zogg, Microsoft Schweiz. #shape13. Agenda. Appconomy 10’ Tips & Tricks 40’. Appconomy. Chapter 1/2. Angry Birds, Happy Startups. 2011 Revenue: $106.3m Profit ( before Tax ): $67.6m 2012

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Presentation Transcript
Appconomy: How to make money with the Windows Store

Sascha Corti,

Christof Zogg,

Microsoft Schweiz



Appconomy 10’

Tips & Tricks 40’


Chapter 1/2

angry birds happy startups
Angry Birds, Happy Startups


  • Revenue: $106.3m
  • Profit (beforeTax): $67.6m


  • 1 BillonthDownload ofAngry Birds
  • Revenue: $186m (est.)


the l ong tail
The Long Tail

Lady Gaga

Angry Birds

# itemssold

Vreni Schneider

Any App

Christof & thefrozen Joghurts

# itemsavailable

the app users
The App Users

Source: FlurryAnalytics

the app retailers
The App Retailers

48% Apps


App Publisher Fee

52% Media

Source: Silicon Alley Insider

the publishers
The Publishers

80% don’t generate enough for standalone business

68% less than $5’000.- with top app

59% apps don’t reach break even

the survival strategy
The SurvivalStrategy

Source: Calculationsbased on Distimo/ App Annie



the appconomy is in i ts i nfancy
The AppconomyIs in ItsInfancy!


App Store


App Store

Mac App Store

Tips & Tricks

Chapter 2/2

get rich with apps lifecycle
Get-Rich-With-Apps Lifecycle
  • Decide

Do’s & Don’ts

In-App Purchase

  • Develop
  • Publish

App Business Models

  • Analyze
  • Promote

Windows Store Backend



1. Business Model

Tips & Tricks

business model overview
Business Model Overview

Your App

paid = no

paid = yes

Durables / Consumables


Buy / Try

Up-front payment



In-App Advertising

chart income by revenue type
Chart: Income by Revenue Type

Source: Distimo

iPhone, Feb 2013,United States




paid app basics
Paid App Basics


New app






> $25,000 revenue





top tips business model
Top Tips: Business Model
  • 1. Use trial API
  • 70x More Downloads, 7x More Revenue

2. Prefer IAP over paid

Apps with in-app purchase make 2.2x more $

3. Use Live Tiles

Top 50 apps are 3.7x more likely to have

4. Use push notifications

Top 50 apps are 3.2x more likely to have

6. Publish for x86, x64 & ARM

5. Update frequently

Top 50 apps are updated every 2-3 mo.

Larger Audience, some more Testing required

2. DevelopYour App

Tips & Tricks

top tips development
Top Tips: Development
  • Fastest growth occurring in new markets
  • 1. Publish Globally

2. Localize Smartly

Language, currency, symbols

3. Right Size your App

Apps <90 MB work well on all devices

4. Use Ad Control w/ Loc

More local relevance drives higher eCPM*

* eCPM ="effective cost per thousand impressions." (total earnings / (total number of impressions / 1000))

6. Deliver Excellence

5. Adopt new Design Style

No bugs, use FAS, engaging experience

Conformant apps are featured more frequently

In-App Purchase

Develop Your App

purchasing digital content
Purchasing digital content


App Purchase

Purchase the App itself (Upgrading from a free trial)

In-App Purchase

Durables: buy once & own forever

Extended functionality (Save Docs to the Cloud)

Game levels, maps, game items

Timed Durables / Consumables:

buy, use, buy again

Movie rentals

Access digital magazines for 6 months

In-Game currency

Save Docs to the Cloud

1000 Credits

creating an app that uses iap
Creating an App that uses IAP

Submit app


Windows Store

Submit products

Get product list

Activate purchased Feature or load Purchased Content


App Start

Purchase Products

Get licences


Confirm Fullfillment

After Purchase

Get receipt

Digitally signed Receipt can be used to manage Access to External Resources provided to User via App


In-App Purchase

In-App Advertising

Develop Your App

adding the sdk to an application
Adding the SDK to an Application

The Advertising SDK is distributed as part of the Windows 8 SDK / Windows Phone 8 SDK

Add the assembly to any project that wants to include adverts

3. Publish Your App

Tips & Tricks

pitfall internet capability
Pitfall: Internet Capability

Internet Capability = Privacy Policy

Disable, if you don’t need it. Otherwise:

Add Privacy Policy to App & Store listing. Match App Names!

pitfall app testing
Pitfall: App Testing

Provide Account info for Apps that require Login

Testers don’t have the time to find out how to / create an account.

App needs to be able to run without Network / GPS / etc.

If your App uses any special Capabilities, it will be tested without these present.

Check for availability, display a message to the user.

App must handle the Snap View

App can show a simple message, that Snap View is not supported,but it has to handle it.

pitfall store upload
Pitfall: Store Upload

Don’t forget to add Imagery

Replace all images in [YourProject]\Assets folder with your real logos.

Wide-Screen Tile is optional.

Submission Fails if Logos are missing.

Simulator Screenshots may be too big to Upload

Use a free tool like Paint.NET to compress.

pitfall your code
Pitfall: Your Code

Don’t Submit “Debug” Code for Certification.

Test your Code with Visual Studio’s WACK tool.

Make sure your App starts within 5 seconds.

Show the first custom page after Splash Screen quickly.

This can be a second, (personalizable) Splash Screen.

Load large resources later.

Multilingual Apps: Resources need to be translated

Your app needs to display the Languages it supports.

Writing an App in only one Language is OK!

Don’t forget to provide a In-Store Description page and the Privacy Policy for each language.

pitfall in app purchase testing
Pitfall: In-App Purchase Testing

Test using MockIAP, Deploy using Store APIs.

If App uses the Windows Store commerce APIs in Windows.ApplicationModel.Store namespace, make sure to use the CurrentApp class not the CurrentAppSimulatorclass.

CurrentAppwill throw exception as long as the App is not published in Store!

(Catch but don’t show a Message. This is only relevant for the submission phase).

License Data can only be queried if an Internet connection is available.

  • Store offline / show Message to User why his purchased capabilities may be disabled.

Internet Capability is NOT required to query Licensing Information from the Store.

4. Promote your App

Tips & Tricks

early adoption matters
Early Adoption Matters

SnapshotApril 2013

sample energy radio
Sample: Energy Radio

Download Numbers andApp Promotions

Store PromotionDec. 13-19 2012

new dev center frontend
New Dev Center Frontend

New dashboard

Easier Submission

  • WP8 Dev Center in par with Windows 8
  • Integrated with MSDN
  • Quick access to SDK, forums, samples

New Reporting

improved reporting
Improved Reporting
  • Point-in-time and low latency reporting
  • All reviews in a single place
    • Translated to your language!
  • Analyze Free, Trial, Beta and Paid downloads
withholding tax quellensteuer
WithholdingTax (Quellensteuer)


W8 Form



Rich, but sad…

Poor, but happy…

resources to help with certification
Resources to Help with Certification





thank you for your attention

Sascha Corti

Developer Evangelist

Mobile: +41 (0)78 844 62 94

Fixnet: +41 (0)43 456 62 94

Twitter: Techpreacher

Christof Zogg

Director Developer & Platform Group

Mobile: +41 (0)78 844 60 81

Fixnet: +41 (0)43 456 60 81

Twitter: Microstof

Microsoft Schweiz

Richtistrasse 3

CH-8304 Wallisellen

Microsoft Schweiz

Richtistrasse 3

CH-8304 Wallisellen