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Children of the Holocaust

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Children of the Holocaust - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Children of the Holocaust. The Innocent Victims of Prejudice and Genocide. Your Assignments. Look up a child of the Holocaust that you would like to know more about Print out the biography of the child of your choice Write Cornell Notes on your child.

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children of the holocaust

Children of the Holocaust

The Innocent Victims of Prejudice and Genocide

your assignments
Your Assignments
  • Look up a child of the Holocaust that you would like to know more about
  • Print out the biography of the child of your choice
  • Write Cornell Notes on your child.
  • Type up an expository writing piece that explains this child’s tragic life
  • Create a commemorative button honoring this child
biography of a holocaust victim
Biography of a Holocaust Victim

Type in Children of the Holocaust on a Google search

Children of the Holocaust

choose a child from the list
Choose a Child from the List
  • Name Birthdate Place Hans Ament February 15, 1934 Vienna, Austria Sura Andrezejko 1927 Stawiski, Poland Ulrich Wolfgang ArnheimNovember 2, 1927 Berlin, Germany Inge Auerbacher December 31, 1934 Kippenheim, Germany
inge auerbachber
Inge Auerbachber
  • At age 4 she and her father were placed in a concentration camp
  • August 22, 1942 Inge and her family were deported to the Theresienstadt camp in Czechoslovakia

Inge Auerbachber

the auerbacher family
The Auerbacher Family
  • This is Inge Auerbacher with her family
  • The title of her book is I am a Star
daily life of the child you selected
Daily Life of the Child You Selected

Terms you might need to explore

  • Concentration Camps- Auschwitz, Dachau
  • Ghettos-Thereseinstadt
  • Kristallnacht-The night of broken glass
the jewish people imprisoned
The Jewish People Imprisoned
  • Thereseinsdt Ghetto


15.000 children were imprisoned there

Inge was one of only 100 children to survive

a young girl unsure of her fate
A young girl unsure of her fate

A girl from the Theresienstadt ghetto who was put on one of the transports to Auschwitz camp. The girl is wearing a yellow badge and around her neck is a string with a piece of paper on which is written the transport number - 671.

theresienstadt ghetto
Theresienstadt Ghetto
  •  On November 24, 1941, the Germans established a Jewish ghetto in the fortress town of Terezin, Czechoslovakia. Known by its German name, Theresienstadt, until its liberation on May 8, 1945, it functioned as a ghetto and transit camp on the route to Auschwitz. Most of those imprisoned in Theresienstadt were German, Czech, Dutch, and Danish Jews; elderly and prominent Jews and Jewish veterans of World War I were also sent there.
Work Makes You Free
  • This was a slogan used by the Nazis
  • It was a cruel way of giving false hope to the Jewish prisoners
the outcome of the holocaust
The Outcome of the Holocaust

Liberation of concentration camp prisoners

The defeat of Hitler

US and Soviet Troops invade Germany

Nuremburg Trials