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Content Engineering

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Content Engineering

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  1. Content Engineering Pearson-Harper – the driving force behind a new upsurge in process engineering efficiency. Information is key to this new height of achievement, and over the last fifteen years we have built a powerful and growing reputation for our ability to organise, update and manage engineering content. Our field is the provision of specialist content engineering services and related products for the process industry. Our proposition is major financial savings through increased efficiency. We are unique in the talent, experience and resources we can apply to the task. Today we have the respect of many blue chip clients who thrust us to maximise their efficiency, minimise their costs and ensure compliance with ever changing legislation. By harnessing the power of our resources we can make two important promises: Firstly, we will ensure that a clients engineering information is: Complete, Correct, Consistent and Connected. Secondly, the resulting savings will considerably outweigh our costs. Our services are underpinned by three powerful software products, PHasset, PHantom and PHusion: PHasset is a powerful Content Management Toolkit which provides an interface between old and new systems. It is the ideal tool to use when implementing a new corporate application such as SAP or Maximo, because it accepts a wide range of unstructured, unformatted data from a variety of legacy data sources. PHantom is a powerful web-enabled collaboration platform developed by Pearson-Harper for the sharing and reviewing of supplier data and documents. It allows suppliers to upload the relevant equipment data themselves onto pre-defined templates. PHusion is a vast library of essential engineering data and documents, relating to a wide range of process equipment and spare parts. It is web enabled and robustly hosted, ensuring secure access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Pearson-Harper Ltd, 14 Coleman’s Nook, Belasis Hall Technology Park, Billingham, TS23 4EG, UK